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"iOS Game of the Year"
Game Shark

"Best Card/Board Game - Runner Up"

"With great production values the board game has been translated to perfection."
TouchGen (9/10, Editor's Choice)

"Would I Buy Again:Absolutely."
What's On iPhone (9/10)

"Neuroshima Hex is a board game that almost seems like it was destined for the App Store []"
App Spy (4/5)

"Neuroshima Hex is hard not to recommend"
Games Uncovered (Grade: 'Great')

"Creative game world; deep strategy"
Slide To Play (3/4)

"It's a deeply satisfying game that forces you to have a tactical mind in order to win, and it's incredibly fulfilling when you do."
GameZebo (4/5)

Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical board game where up to 4 players (human or AI) lead their troops to victory. Every player controls one of the four armies struggling for influence and survival in the world destroyed in a 30 years long war. March with the machines of Moloch, leading its army towards setting the new world order. Become Borgo and unite the forces of the mutants who spread terror in the wastelands. Lead The Outpost - humanity's last and only hope and try to beat the machines in an uneven guerrilla war. Be the boss of The Hegemony - land of gangers not caring about the fate of others and living only for violence and their mad entertainment.

In the world of Neuroshima Hex you need to prove you have what it takes to survive.

Neuroshima Hex is well known in the board game community. Neuroshima Hex holds 100th place in the prestige BoardGameGeek ranking (which contains almost 50,000 games from around the world). In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinction for the Best Polish Designer Game published in 2006. Neuroshima Hex was also published in the US (by Z-Man Games) and France (by IELLO).


- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork
- 4 different armies with unique strategies (next 8 available for purchase)
- Up to 4 players (human or AI)
- asynchronous online multiplayer
- 3 AI difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial & manual
- Tons of gameplay
- Easy to learn, hard to master

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09-17-2010, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by doodlejumper View Post
Hey, it's finally out! Too bad I have 0% interest.
Not the most constructive comment in the world, but hey, everyone's entitled on topic, I have not been following this one much, is it anything like Armageddon empires(pc)? That was an excellent tbs hex based ccg and this certainly seems to give the same graphical vibe.
I would not take a lot of persuading to grab this one I think

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09-17-2010, 01:24 PM
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Instabuy, Very Happy it's here, looking forward to online game update after getting use to the game in single player. Really glad to see more great board games making their way onto the app store! I'm off to enjoy the game!

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09-17-2010, 01:26 PM
Congrats downloading now. I'm not worried about online play right away as I have no idea how to play the game but in a while I'll be ready for you guys when the update comes. And I too hope it's gamecenter

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09-17-2010, 01:28 PM
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That video is pretty terrible. It tries to over-dramatize what's going on way too much. It promises "BATTLE!" then shows pieces wiggling at each other. I didn't really understand what I was looking at. It could be something that I'd be interested in, but I'm left more confused then intrigued after watching that.

Waiting For:
09-17-2010, 01:31 PM
@deputy, maybe this video will be more interesting to you:

09-17-2010, 01:35 PM
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Super Atomic Instabuy!
09-17-2010, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddysCreations View Post
@deputy, maybe this video will be more interesting to you:]
Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. That gives a much clearer picture of what I would be getting if I bought it.

Waiting For:
09-17-2010, 01:54 PM
How does it looks on iPad? Is it going to be released later as universal or separate for iPad? Look terrific. Would appreciate some impressions!
09-17-2010, 01:55 PM
Yeah, I thought I had seen online play mentioned before? Is it something that is coming?

Originally Posted by BigDaddysCreations View Post
It's coming
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09-17-2010, 01:59 PM
I have been following the development of this app for a while and instantly bought it when it appeared.

My first impressions are that this is a very polished game with great graphics, sound and a good tutorial and manual. I haven't played the original board game but I can tell that there is a lot of life in the gameplay with some very deep strategy involved. The addition of multiplayer would make it excellent.

All in all a very good game and well worth the asking price. To the developers, well done!


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