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App description: Ace Attack is the classic card game War reinvented for the iOS. Each round is a risk. After the deal, pick which side you want to play. Watch as the cards flip and fight for supremacy. With high quality sprite animations and realistic 3D sound, Ace Attack's battles jump off the screen! Accumulate points to gain ranks and status on Ace Attack's worldwide leaderboards.

dsteinwedel's comments:
Hi All,

I just found the touchArcade forum this morning (got an email from one of the users here), wish I'd have known about it before. I wanted to stop in, say "Hi," and let you know that my first game has just been released for sale in the App Store.

The game is called Ace Attack and is a fun reinvention of the classic card game war. Instead of playing against an opponent with a deck, it's single player and you can choose which side to play each round. The cards have military units which battle for supremacy. There are also ranks, achievements, and leaderboards. The App Store link is:


And the game's website is http://www.ace-attack.com/ (We've put up a bunch of cool wallpapers there too!)

Also, our team is committed to open development. We've been posting tutorials and development blogs about the game at our website, http://www.bitflipgames.com/. There's a 5 part series on using Unity to make games and we also have posts and video about how the sound effects for the game are made.

I hope some of you like the game and I really hope any budding game designers out there find our development posts informative.

09-20-2010, 12:30 PM
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