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App description: Meow! Adopt your very own playful, cuddly cat from five popular breeds!

Your cat will live with you in your own custom decorated house. Play with your cat and earn coins! You'll unlock new decorations, toys and clothes for your favorite furry friend. Adopt multiple cats to build your own feline family!

Join the Plus+ network to meet friends and have play dates with their cats! You can visit your friends' houses to find treasure and see their unique decorating styles.

Your Touch Pets Cats virtual lives will continue whether you're playing or not; your hands-on care and creative flair will create a deep bond and a lasting good time.

Discover the virtual world of Touch Pets Cats, only for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


* Tabby
* Persian
* Russian Blue
* Siamese
* Black Shorthair


* Build your home with different kinds of rooms for your cat to live in.
* Visit your home throughout the day to find new treasures hidden in your furniture.
* Shop for a wide range of exciting furniture choices and upgrades.
* Decorate each room with rewards from playtime with your cat.


* Care for your cat by petting, feeding, bathing, grooming and even scoopin' poop! Happy or sad, Touch Pets express dozens of irresistible behaviors and emotions.
* Earn coins and use them to buy new toys, clothes, grooming gear, furniture and decorations at the virtual Pet Store.
* Mix and match feline caps, shirts, collars, bodysuits, sunglasses and more to dress your cat up in the perfect ensemble.


* Build a friends list with other players and get to know their cats.
* Invite other players cats over for virtual play-dates and have endless okay time with Touch Pets from around the world!
* Your cats will form friendships, romances, love triangles and rivalries with other cats as they socialize.


* Watch as your cat's life story evolves through entertaining images and news events posted automatically in the Plus+ powered global dog feed.
* Follow friends activities from your Friends-only cat feed.
* Share your cat's activity updates with friends on Facebook.


* Touch Pets Cats is a free game: free to download, free to adopt cats, free to play.
* Optionally, you can buy Catnip in the game: catnip increases your coin harvest speeds.
* Your Touch Pet Cat is waiting, adopt yours now!

Touch Pets Cats is powered by Plus+, the coolest social networking experience in the world of games.

Visit http://touchpets.ngmoco.com for the latest videos and information.

Touch Pets Cats is presented by ngmoco exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Created by Stumptown Game Machine.

*** Internet connection required to play the game ***


Note: If you have already played another version of Touch Pets Cats, you must log in to this app with your existing Plus account to synchronize your cats and progress to this version.


Nekcik's comments:

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09-20-2010, 05:49 PM
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Wow! Everyone seems so excited! So am I! This is the one game I've been waiting for since forever!

09-20-2010, 05:50 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
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game crash on iphone 4
09-20-2010, 06:04 PM
Joined: Mar 2010
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No way ... i prefer a real cat!!!

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iPhoneHellas Review Team member
09-20-2010, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Manny7 View Post
game crash on iphone 4
Works fine on my Iphone 4.. if you have not, try restarting your phone.

When to use A or An in a sentence.
Use A if the next word begins with a consonant sound.
Use An if the next word begins with a vowel sound.
**Game Center** Nekcik
09-20-2010, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Nekcik View Post
Works fine on my Iphone 4.. if you have not, try restarting your phone.
Does it support retina display?

Hakuna Matata
09-20-2010, 06:41 PM
Joined: May 2010
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Ugh, Ngmoco. What happened to Rolando 3 and Weapons Free?

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09-20-2010, 06:50 PM
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Dude say tnx bgmoco make amaZing games for free.
09-20-2010, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by kissrocknroll View Post
Dude say tnx bgmoco make amaZing games for free.
I'd pay a full $10 for Rolando 3 than to play these rehashes of existing games over and over again.

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09-20-2010, 08:43 PM
After playing with this for a bit, I have to say I'm unsure what the point of this app is. With Touch Pets Dogs you had the careers to work towards, but in Cats there doesnt seem anything to do accept buy furnature. I know this app is basically in Beta, but I'm wondering where this app is heading.

So for people who are wondering, Cats is very different (kind of) from Dogs, at the mo personally Dogs is miles better, but Cats is still in beta so I guess things will change.

I know the guys from ngmoco pop on here to see whats going on, any update on where this app is heading? (I know asking for an update the day the app is released is stupid

P.S I agree with Haruhi, bring on Rolando 3.