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iPad: Pocket Boxing Legends is OUT! (from developer of Card Shark)

09-24-2010, 07:07 AM
Pocket Boxing Legends is OUT! (from developer of Card Shark)

The sequel to Easy 8 Software's Pocket Boxing, "Pocket Boxing Legends" has been released... as a free upgrade!

Heavily inspired by the original arcade PunchOut, Pocket Boxing Legends continues to support an optional "retro mode" for fans of pixel art.

Pocket Boxing Legends now touts dazzling 3d graphics, a new soundtrack, and additional special effects. The sequel is a universal app fully supporting retina display and iPad and may be played in any orientation.

We will be following up with bluetooth player vs. player multiplayer support.

Pocket Boxing Legends will be on sale the weekend of September 25th, 2010.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Promo codes available upon request.
09-24-2010, 07:22 AM
Joined: Aug 2010
Location: Germany
Posts: 283
looks fantastic, would like to get/request an promo code for that. Will of course rate and reveiw the app !

Thanks very much

09-24-2010, 08:22 AM
Joined: Mar 2010
Posts: 1,251
I havent played this game since the first version of it. Awesome job on the graphics upgrade.

I think I'll give this game another ago, I remember having a lot of fun with it.
09-24-2010, 08:26 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 105
Looks like a great game! Love the Ivan Drago looking guy. Would love a code. Thanks!
09-24-2010, 09:03 AM
Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Central NC
Posts: 416
Looks great with the new graphics! I would love a promo if you still have any available. Thanks!
09-24-2010, 09:40 AM
I would love a code. Looks pretty neat

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09-24-2010, 09:54 AM
I'd love a code as well. Cheers.
09-24-2010, 09:55 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 6,272
Looks funny, I'd like a code.

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09-24-2010, 10:04 AM
Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Canada
Posts: 107
The game looks fantastic! My father is a boxing fan. I would really appreciate a promo code and have a try!
09-24-2010, 10:05 AM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Toledo, OH
Posts: 844
Would LOVE a code, love these type of boxing games!!

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