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App description: Play as Mr Tart or one of his 10 friends as you jump and dodge over spikes to gain points and avoid becoming breakfast. Sound easy? }:o)


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Created for my love of Tarts :D

Max_Glockling's comments:
You look quite tasty!

An endless challenge for your survival -- Mr Tart

For most of your life all youve ever known is the dark world of your box and shiny tin foil wrapper. Oblivious to all the evils of pop tart consumption you wander out of your safe and comfortable box and quickly discover how desirable you really are! Out of nowhere sharp, shiny objects shoot out of the ground urging you to run! Now youre trapped; you cant seem to move out of your predators boundaries forcing you to run back and forth dodging any and every shiny spike you can. But WOW are those spikes bright, youre too busy admiring them you quickly realize you jumped too soon! Youre falling towards the spike; it gets closer until CRUNCH!! you tasted great!

Mr Tart was originally a web game hosted by thousands of web portals and played by millions. Receiving reviews from Indiestatik (Link removed because site is down) and PcGamer Mr Tart was adored by millions. The problem; it was only available on the web, until now.. Mr Tart is now available on iOS and features a whole different take on the series. Play as Mr Tart or 5+ characters you can unlock through Game Center achievements as you jump and dodge over spikes in an endless platform/pick-up and play/arcade way. Mr Tart features six characters and counting, Game Center leaderboards and achievements, almost entirely random gameplay, simple and cute artwork, a quirky atmosphere, and one of my favorite snacks!

Mr Tart is published by Maxwell Glockling and is available on all iOS devices running iOS 7+ or all Android devices running Android 3.2+


Press Kit with Screenshots, icons, videos, and flash demo available here:


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Twitter: @Glockling (OR) @GlocklingGames

Website: http://www.maxglockling.com

Maxwell Glockling is an 18-year-old independent video game developer based in Medford Oregon. Max has released several games for web including Mr Tart, Mr and Mrs Tart, as well as games on iOS and Android such as Mr Tart and Five Colors. His games have amassed more than 10 million plays since he started in 2010. Visit me online at http://www.maxglockling.com or contact me using the methods provided above.