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App description: FULL IPAD SUPPORT
-Play at native resolution for high quality iPad play!


Your ship gone, and all hope lost, what must you do? SURVIVE. Escape the Isle of Aciago, without becoming a skeleton of yourself, unlike many other unfortunate souls. Venture forth with your trusty cutlass and fight a path to freedom. Search through different environments to find the route to safety that will save you from the madness of the Isle of Aciago.


-High quality 3D environments and characters.

-In depth lighting and water.

-intuitive UI that makes combat feel natural and fun.

-Ambient music that adds to the mood of the game.

-Automatic checkpoints for fluid play.

-Fast load times to keep you in the game.


Can you escape?


For best playing experience, close other backgrounded apps.

ImNoSuperMan's comments:
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09-25-2010, 06:33 AM
This looks interesting, i would toftt but i dont have wi fi at the moment, if i find myself at a hotspot later i might give it a look though. Anyone else tried it yet?
09-25-2010, 09:05 AM
Game Impressions

Conceptually it seems cool: a pirate-themed horror/escape game set in a spooky abandoned island. In practice, however, it needs a lot of work. First, compared to something like Prisoner 84 there's very little atmosphere to the game. Second, it's very hard to tell when an enemy is hitting you, so combat is very frustrating; it doesn't help that there's little explanation about the attack controls. Once you make it down to the underground areas, there's a bit more atmosphere (well, it's dark, anyway) but the action gets ridiculously frustrating as you are a expected to traverse these narrow bridges while defending yourself from a horde of skeletons, and every time you attack you take a step forward or sideways and fall to your doom.

Perhaps an update could deal with these problems (which are compounded by graphical and physics glitches). For now, though, Prisoner 84 or Fallen are much better choices.