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App description: Vengeance is a virtue Thats his motto right now. It aint for him, it aint for his family, It is for his town disrupted by the Punks from Greedville. Nothings stops him from stealing the riches back to his town, Nothings stops him from flicking the bucks from his Greedville buddies and No One will be forgivenBetrayal has filled him with skill and his hands will fall on Greedville stop him if you dare to Greedville!!!!

Lucky Loot is a single player score-based game involved in the looting of money from the people from Greedville without getting caught. The character has to steal money to restore his bankrupt town. The overall features and the visuals of the game are highly attractive in a funny doll-like comical representation in every aspect with a feel good music and sound.
The gameplay focuses the simple loot mechanism involving the users concentration while navigating the character around.

Watch out for the thieves in the area else lose your loot!!!... and obviously avoid the cops.

He has stolen from 10 cops itself.
WE will lay our hands on him Greedville Cops
09-28-2010, 07:52 AM
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