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Make a list -- TCR for iOS game developers

09-29-2010, 05:07 PM
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I like to see lots of options/settings. Examples:

Alternative control methods
Button placement
Control opacity slider
SWIPE SENSITIVITY (very important in 3D FPS/Action games)
Invert aim on both X and Y axis
Audio settings split into SFX, Music, Speech etc
Options for different graphical quality/ effects
And of course, lot's of other options specific to the gameplay

I've seen lot's of threads where developers are trying to decide how they are going to set up the controls and gameplay elements. The best thing to do is put as many options in as possible and let the player decide.

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09-29-2010, 05:11 PM
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I wouldn't say many devs get this wrong, but it often has me worried: don't ignore users with older devices. I accept that in some circumstances it's just not feasible, but it's nice to see a developer try. I'm not sure if the majority of iPhone/iPod games are pre or post 3rd Generation by now, but I'm positive there's still a good percentage left down there.

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09-29-2010, 05:11 PM
Never underestimate an online multiplayer game in a mobile device, aka iPhone. We LOVE to play wherever we are with real people.

Another thing I want to add: iOS has too many casual games. Please, give to us one real changeling and competitive game.

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09-29-2010, 05:13 PM
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just two requests and they are not iPhone specific but apply to video games in general:

• some option to turn off those annoying 4 different publisher/developer videos/screens at the start of each major game. i understand the publishers want to get attention but frankly displaying it at first start is enough.

• even worse some AAA computer titles insist on having to confirm 2-4 idiotic messages each time the game is loaded and you have to dismiss each of them - this is especially prominent in racing games:

=> The Game was loaded please press OK
=> Press OK to sign in to your account
=> Please do turn off the computer while it saves games press OK to confirm (man this is not a console, and even if it were i don't need that idiotic message on each start)

i wonder how one can produce a multi-million dollar product and there is no-one on the team spending a single second thinking about how idiotic and user-unfriendly this procedure is.

i just want to load the game fast and without having to click something away get to the main screen where i can just click "play".
09-29-2010, 05:17 PM
You must fine tune controls. I can not tell you how many games have screwed up simply by ruining both the digital analog stick and accelerometer controls. If a digital analog stick will be present, it must be loose as well as quick responding to prevent me throwing myself off a cliff rather than turning around quickly. Accelerometer controls must be able to be adjusted to different positions. Not everybody plays sitting in a chair leaned over. I admit i play many games in lazy-man position, laying down. The graphics and controls must be a priority after game-play. Fourth on the list of screw ups is replay value. Multi-player always makes people feel they got more than a few hours of entertainment for their money and more like a lasting value. People also like tons of weapons and customization. Looking at the same character model gets old quick. Get these things right in the reviews and you have the perfect game as far as the iPhone goes.
09-29-2010, 05:18 PM
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Orientation changes. I can't stand when developers orient a game in a way that causes your hand to block the speaker or headphone port on a device.

Let me start where I left off when a game is interrupted.

Make sure the game is constantly automatically being saved.

Release games to the newest standards if possible (highest quality shaders, Retina Display support, etc.)

Make games universal. I won't buy the same game with the same resolution textures again just because there are small screen size optimizations and a resolution change (which isn't much if the game is Retina Display compatible).

Make most network features accessible over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Create a way for devices to sync and transfer save files at least once per file so a player can start a game on the iPad, continue the same save on the iPhone, then switch back to the iPad from where the player left off, and so on.

I can't wait to see more and more games use the brilliantly-optimized Unreal Engine 3!

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09-29-2010, 05:20 PM
Multitasking is huge so you can finish a text and instantly return to the action.

Also a big plus for me personally is gamecenter support/online leader boards/achievements. Being able to share scores and have bragging rights outside of fb is great and apples social gaming network seems to be a great unifying feature.
09-29-2010, 05:21 PM
Oh also big is universal apps. Great way for a developer to show their support to gamers and not try to gouge money from them
09-29-2010, 05:24 PM
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For you Carmack I'd say good Gameplay lol.

It's no Secret that Id have really done nothing worthwhile since the 90s. Your engines really haven't pulled their weight since Quake 3 and you out source lots of your IPs, which in turn get created into crappy games.

Really what is Id anymore? I'd say you're the only good asset and you alone can't make good games.

Go to Valve and get them to make Source 2 lol, sick of the limitations of Source and I'd really love your talents to be actually used, rather than what could have been.

On to your question though... I just want to see my battery life in the game lol. I'm sick of playing a game and it draining my battery life so fast without me knowing. Oh yeah and I hate it when Apps miss features that really should be common sense. Like a zoom for video recording Apple.... or maybe frigging Flash Player! lol.

No out sourcing to Gameloft, they create shit games.
09-29-2010, 05:38 PM
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Welcome, John Carmack!


It's great to have 60fps graphics. But control responsiveness must match that.