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App description: Fly with various airplanes in a funny missions...
Easy controls, original missions and FUN!

You can fight, be a spy, help to fight with fire, or show some acrobatics.
You can fly with various aircrafts (with different physics) in different countries.

- Every mission is unique and has original and funny scenario.

- You're surrounded by photorealistic environment and detailed 3D models.

- Smooth and easy handling.

***** Amazing graphics with high fps even on 2G and 3G models. *****

***** Flight Ultimate is very different from other similar games. *****

***** This is a MUST HAVE for all pilots looking for fun instead of hardcore realism!!! *****

!!! YouTube review - search for "Flight Ultimate review" !!!

freedog's comments:

09-30-2010, 04:33 PM
No what I expected at all. First, it's really not a flight sim, since you don't control anything but flight direction -- not even speed. There are also no take-offs or landings, so basically the only challenge is completing the "funny" scenarios, by which they mean silly missions that make sophomoric attempts at humor ("shoot the missile at the farting cow"). The one thing I can say for it is that that the FPS are indeed high; I guess it was also nice to see some real building on the ground (though there were only a few in the first area). The textures are muddy, though, and overall the game lacks polish.

Perhaps someone else would find this entertaining.