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Super Quick Hook SECRETS

10-04-2010, 05:50 AM
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Super Quick Hook SECRETS (with SCREENSHOTS!)

Because I'm only able to use 10000 Chars in one Post I've posting the Walkthrough in 4 Parts! I'm hoping a Moderator or Admin can help me solving this Problem, that this would be a continuous Walkthrough. It would be great if the Admin/Mod can delete the 4 Posts from Users between the Walkthrough. Thx!

At first: I've found every single Secret for my own and I turned weird to die the 1000th time and beat the Level the 100th time without finding it. But it's a great Feeling to find it finally. So this Thread is for Everybody who dies the 1001th times

Well, I know that there is a Thread about this already, but I know that this Thread isn't up to date, too. Nobody wants to search about twenty Pages. That's the Reason why I've written all Secrets from the Beginning with matching Screenshots for striking Parts.

So I want to put all Secrets together to help the desperated Gamers. And don't forget: You have to collect all Secrets in a Run in the Level and finish it to gain the level's Medal.
So let's go.

Journey to Inn - 1
At 61% Rocket Boot 3 times to the left and you will land on a high Cave where you find the first Secret of the Game at 56%.
+ Mystery Meat +

Meadow Pass - 1
At 19% hook left to the beginning of the Level and you find at 1% the Flower.
+ Wow +

Meadow Pass - 2
After the 3rd Checkpoint simply run over the Ledge of the Cliff and collect the Secret at 51%.
+ Spicy +

Rabbit Warren - 1
At 2% just jump down and hook to the right. At 3% you'll get it.
+ Big Birds +

Rabbit Warren - 2
You should come across this One by simply going through the Level at 51%.
+ Mega Rabbit +

Rabbit Warren - 3
You past the Rabbit and blast yourself throught the Air. You will land on the Checkpoint. Turn around and get the next Secret at 56%.
+ So Tasty +

Sunset Path - 1
At 8% is a little Cave under the Level.
+ Hunny Bonus +

Sunset Path - 2
Directly under the second Checkpoint at 59% you'll find it.
+ New Species +

Winding Cave - 1
At 5% jump down and turn around into the Cave.
+ Free Frish +

Winding Cave - 2
After the Checkpoint at 79% climb the Wall down and find the Secret at 78%.
+ AAAA! +

Breakwall Run - 1
You will cross it at 22% by just finishing the Level.
+ Radical +

Breakwall Run - 2
After the Checkpoint at 76% just drop down and swing to the left into the Cave. You will find the Secret at 75%.
+ Delicious +

Silent Well - 1
In frond of the 3rd Checkpoint at 49% jump off the left Ledge and swing to the right. You find the Secret at 50%.
+ Juicy +

Silent Well - 2
Use your Rocket Boot at 59% two times to boost into a Hole in the Wall. The Secret is at 62%.
+ Pretty +

Frost Road - 1
After you get launched off the platform at 56%, just hook back to the Geysir. Now walk under it to the left and get the Secret at 54%.
+ Soup Cask +

Frost Road - 2
You should come across this by traveling through the level. It is at 77%
+ Fancy +

The next Levels are in this Post:

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10-04-2010, 06:38 AM
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Very helpful list. Thanks!

10-04-2010, 07:34 AM
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Pantslide Pass - 1
After the second Checkpoint at 32% you hook into the Cave to the right and Rocket Boot into an other upper Cave. Head forward a few Steps and get the Secret at 36%.
+ Fresh +

Pantslide Pass - 2
Close to the Checkpoint at 62% is a Stalagmite. Use your Rocket Boot and reach the higher Level. Now turn around and do the same again to reward the next Secret.
+ Massive +

Icicle Cliffs - 1
Next to the first Checkpoint is a little hole in the Ground at 36%. Just jump into it and hook left. This Secret is waiting for you at 35%.
+ Fierce +

Icicle Cliffs - 2
At 76% is a Stalagmite on the lowest Elevation. If you drop down from the left Ledge and hook right you uncover the Secret at 77%.
+ My Food Now +

Burn Alley - 1
Simply walk over the Ledge from the Start Platform and land on the most easiest Secret in the Game at 1%.
+ Locked... +

Burn Alley - 2
You have to hang on the slanted Wall at 6%. Now use your Rocket Boot 2 times to the left. You should land on a Ledge at 4%. Rocket Jump 1 time to the right and now walk ahead and you reach at 22% the Secret.
+ So Hot +

Slag Street - 1
Right at the beginning walk to the right Ledge, turn around and take a run to the left and now jump as hell and you land on a little platform. Secret Time at 0%.
+ Ice Cream +

Slag Street - 2
At 83% is a big hole in the Ceiling. Just Rocket Jump two times and land on the Secret at 85%.
+ Beetle Hive +

Ember March - 1
This Secret is not really hard, but you need a little Luck. Go to the Ledge at 14%. Jump down and hang on to the wall with your grapple. Now release and Rocket Jump two times and get the Secrat at 13%.
+ Bearzebub +

Ember March - 2
You have to pass this Secret at 49% if you want to beat the Level.
+ Strange Rocks +

Fungus Dephs - 1
After using the Geysir swing to the left at 4%. At 3% is a Hole. If you pass it Rocket Jump three times. At 1% is the Secret.
+ Shiny +

Spore Tunnels - 1
Right at the Beginning of the Level walk to the Ledge in front of you. Turn around to the left and use your Rocket Boots. You will land on very little Brink. Now Rocket Jump to the richt and run ahead. At 7% is the Secret.
+ Gross +

Acid Forest - 1
At 40% jump carefully down and swing to the left. You should see the Hole in the Wall. Go through it. The Secret is in front of you at 39%
+ Glowy +

The next Levels are in this Post:

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10-04-2010, 08:56 PM
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This is great...Thanks!
10-04-2010, 09:15 PM
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Can't wait for the screens! Awesome post already!

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10-05-2010, 01:04 AM
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Ruins Entry - 1
At 78% Rocket Jump to the left and you will slide trough a little Hole. Just walk ahead you will get the Secret at 75%.
+ Mystical +

Lethal Halls - 1
At 53% you have to hang on the Rope and just drop straight down. You will land on a little Platform between Spikes. Turn left and Rocket Jump once and you land in front of Spikes where you slide through under. Go ahead and you find the Secret at 49%.
+ Huge +

Zigzag Horror - 1
This Secret is easy to find, but hard to get. Use the Boost Platform at 17% and hold on to the metal Rope at 19%. Now you release if you swing to the left and Rocket Jump. Time for the tricky Part. You have to hang on your Rope at the very right End of the Platform above you. You have to look in the right Direction. Your Rope must have the perfect length. Use your Rocket Boots and you will swing around the Corner. Walk through the Hole in the Wall and follow the Path to the End and you find the Secret at 16%.
+ Succulent +

Deadman Path - 1
You will pass this Secret by compliting the Level. It is at 52%.
+ Cool Water +

Deadman Path - 2
At 68% you have to carefully jump off the Ledge and swing back. You find your first Gnome at 62%.
+ Gnome Time +

Watery Abyss - 1
At the first Checkpoint at 34% walk over the right Ledge and hook left. You find it under Water at 33%.
+ Whoa +

Watery Abyss - 2
At 96% boost up 3 times and you find the second Gnome at 100%.
+ Gnome Bonus +

Blind Peaks - 1
At the very Beginning you need to stand on the Starting Line at 0%. Look left and use your Rocket Boots two times. You find the Secret at 0%, too.
+ Mysterious +

Blind Peaks - 2
After the first Checkpoint at 33% jump from the Ledge and swing left. There is the third Gnome at 31%.
+ Gnomin' Holiday +

Magma Ruins - 1
At 16% is a Tree. Stand next to it and double Rocket Jump. Follow the hidden Path and find the next Secret at 25%.
+ Unknown Runes + 25%

Magma Ruins - 2
Hang on the Pillar at 5%. Now Rocket Jump to the left two times and slide on the Geyser at 54%. Walk straight ahead. At 63% you can find the fourth Gnome.
+ Doncha Gnomey +

Rancid Hell - 1
At 12% Rocket Jump up to the right two times, then hook your way across the acid using the Mushrooms. Use the Geyser uncover the Secret at 27%.
+ Fizzy Smooth Taste +

The next Levels are in this Post:

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10-05-2010, 03:55 AM
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Thank you SO much for this, while I like to find the secrets on my own (found about half of them before turning to the old thread) I just can't seem to find the rest and it's getting annoying. So yea kudos to you
Can't wait to get Gnomey

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10-05-2010, 10:20 AM
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Unknown Fate - 1
After the Checkpoint at 32% swing 3 times to 35% and hang there until you turn left. Now Rocket Jump three times to the left and go straight ahead to 27% where you find the fifth Gnome.
+ Gnome Seat Stealer +

Credits - 1
At the Beginning run a few Meters to right, turn around and Rocket Jump one time. You land on the Rock and slide under the Grass between two Rocks under the Water. Just jump one time and now follow the very long, wet Path to the Fish. Now Rocket Jump 3 times. And yes you crossed a Rabbit under Water

Avalanche! - 1
Hard to find, but easy to collect. Before this Level truely begins walk carefully from the right Ledge of the Grass and grapple to the left. Release your Rope and you land on a little Platform with a Hut. This Secret is at 0%.
+ What The +

Eruption! - 1
Walk to the right, take a run and jump left over the Magma. It may will take a few Tries. You can see the little Hole in the Rock in front of you. Jump through and Rocket Jump. Hold on to the Ceiling, release and plunge into Lava. Now Rocket Jump to the right and collect the last Secret at 0%!
+ Hidden Masterpiece +

That was it! If you have Questions or want to add something just post or PM me!

If you want give me some Feedback and feel free to correct my Grammar and Spelling Mistakes.

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10-05-2010, 01:34 PM
Thanks for this!
10-05-2010, 03:26 PM
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All hail PallaZ for being our epically awesome leader! PallaZ ftw!