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App description: Fantastic Fun!
Take command of an aircraft carrier! You will land aircraft, perform maintenance, and launch them against attacking enemies.

48 Challenge Levels plus 24 Coach Levels provide sustained game play, with 4 different aircraft carriers and 7 different aircraft.

Using intuitive line drawing controls, land various types of military aircraft on the carrier. But your work isn't done yet! You'll need to repair, refuel, and equip your planes with bombs so they can be launched to counter enemy attacks in a unique blend of line drawing and time management games.

Just touch the incoming plane, jet, or helicopter and draw a line to determine it's flight path for landing. After the aircraft are landed, they will require up to 3 types of maintenance. But be quick, as they will need to be serviced before you can launch them to counter enemy attacks. Touch the repaired aircraft and quickly drag them toward the end of the runway to launch them. If you don't launch the planes in time, the enemy will bomb your aircraft carrier.

Key Features:
Unique blend of line drawing and time management
48 challenge Levels
24 unlocked coach Levels
4 different aircraft carriers
7 types of aircraft

Thanks to David for help on this description! Your kindness encourage us to go ahead.

Squeaker's comments:

✠ Now you are aircraft carrier commander of fully responsibility! Not only to land aircraft at the carrier, you need also to maintain all aircrafts and then launch them for enemy attack!

✠ You draw line to guide the landing of aircrafts at your carrier, and then click the right service to fulfill the maintain request of aircrafts. And you need to flick to launch the assigned aircrafts when enemy target appear.

✠ 48 challenge levels +24 coach levels for you to challenge yourself, and you can experience 4 different aircraft carrier and 7 different kind of aircrafts that have different speed and behavior.

✠ This game is an amazing experiment of merging Draw line control experience into time managing and strategy game. Several task are there for you to accomplish in limited time. New aircraft request landing, aircrafts on board request maintain, and several aircrafts are assigned to launch for enemy target at the same time. Youll be very busy on draw line guiding, click the services and requests and flick to launch, and you need to arrange all the tasks strategically and very smart.

✠ Key Features:
✔ New experiment of draw line control
✔ 48 challenge Levels
✔ 24 unlocked coach Levels
✔ 4 different aircraft carriers
✔ attracting tasks arrangement of every level
10-05-2010, 11:08 PM
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I hadn't seen the iPhone version of this game before, but is this in any way related to the original Flight Control by Firemint, or are they just trying to steal some of Firemint's fame and popularity with the title?
10-05-2010, 11:52 PM
Yeah i thought this was related from the thread title but its not..
10-06-2010, 01:48 AM
Please leave comments there if you like any post.
10-06-2010, 03:25 AM
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Just trying to steal some views/create some confusion due to Flight Control searches.
10-06-2010, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by magihiro View Post
Just trying to steal some views/create some confusion due to Flight Control searches.
Agreed... lame