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App description: Run, survive against your hunger, and unlock over twenty achievements in Caveman Bob, a colourful jump and run that features appealing hand drawn graphics, unique music tracks, a complex scoring system for high score jockeys.

Watch your fruit levels, stock up for protection, manage your speed and avoid dinosaurs, death plunges, rotten logs, quicksand and other prehistoric hazards.

Dominate the Cave Trek to achieve the legendary 'Trekkie' title. When it's all done, test your fruit-collecting mettle in the hunger survival single-level modes.

* Two game modes: unlock levels in Cave Trek, and then race them individually, staving off starvation and scoring the most insane jump combos.
* Four unique levels, with hand-crafted backgrounds and animations
* Procedurally generated levels: no two games will ever be the same
* Levels change and evolve, becoming harder as gameplay progresses
* Simple, one-tap controls for endless, reflex-based action
* Day/Night cycles for exhilarating night time runs!

Version 1.0: Release

Upcoming: Game Centre and OpenFeint leaderboards and achievement integration
10-14-2010, 02:30 PM
Ok, I'll bite ... bought, will post impressions VERY soon if anyone wants to know more before buying it.

I notice a worryingly positive review immediately appearing on the uk appstore that reads very much like a publisher's description of a game...
10-14-2010, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Planetshooter View Post
Ok, I'll bite ... bought, will post impressions VERY soon if anyone wants to know more before buying it.

I notice a worryingly positive review immediately appearing on the uk appstore that reads very much like a publisher's description of a game...
Myself, I see a game with potential but failing to deliver the way Rogue Runner has.

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10-14-2010, 03:30 PM
Game Impressions

Well, this is an odd little game. It's obviously an (attempt at) an endless running game with a few deliberate twists to try to give it a bit of character, if not actual originality.

First of all, unless you turn the music off in 'options' the menu buttons are horribly unresponsive. I found this solution out by experimentally turning the music off. This needs to be fixed. Strangely, the game control ("jump") was not affected by having music on or off. While they are at it, they can implement the pause function that is described in the game but doesn't appear to work.

Graphically it's pretty enough. Bob himself is quite small and has a lot of hair which moves rather strangely. The backgrounds scroll by in a decent parallax fashion and the day/night cycle is fairly nice with a shimmery sunset and then the moon; roughly 60 seconds of day and 30 of night by my rough estimation. The three dinosaurs that I have seen (Generic T-Rex, Triceratops and Flying One) are fair cartoonesque representations. All they do is travel right to left. The Flying One appears very suddenly and can seriously disrupt your air-time.

Bob runs left to right, starting slowly and picking up the pace as represented by a green "speed" bar top right of the screen. I *think* you earn more points when you run fast. You achieve maximum Bob speed within about 15-20 seconds if you don't collide with anything or fall too heavily.Tapping the screen makes Bob jump a fixed height. Tapping it again will make him double-jump while in mid-air. Colliding with any floating fruit object while jumping will also initiate a second jump - this can happen repeatedly to keep Bob airborne for several seconds. My current record is about 5.5 seconds air time, as shown in the end of game stats screen.

At the top right of the screen is a green "protection" symbol. This effectively saves you from any kind of death scenario, e.g. drowning or colliding with a dinosaur. It is used up after a hit and it has a cooldown period before it recharges and can save you again. Nothing you can do will speed up the shield recharge, at least as far as I could tell.

After a few goes, I tried another experiment - I started a game and didn't touch the screen at all. Bob ran along fine for quite a while, hit a pond and was saved by the green protection shield. He carried on, again for quite a long time, running past a T-Rex (which I can only assume is a collision detection bug) and finally dying on the horns of a Triceratops mere seconds before his shield had recharged. He made it through a whole day/night cycle and scored over 100,000 points. I have done worse than that playing the game!

The sounds aren't great. Typical boingy jumping noise and an odd clicky banging noise when you return to the ground. The Flying One sounds like a horse imitating a parrot and apart from that I didn't hear much else. Remember, I had the music off so that the menu buttons worked properly...

It's hard to thoroughly recommend this game but I have to admit to quite liking it. The achievements (in-game, not OF, GC or anything) are fairly interesting and there are 3 more zones for me to unlock, or for Bob to unlock on his own.

So... please fix the music / menu-buttons bug and implement a pause function that works. Gameplay may need a tiny tweak to get it spot-on but overall this isn't a bad start.
10-18-2010, 05:02 AM
@Planetshooter - Thank you for the game impressions. To clarify a few things:

- You do get more points by running faster: the key to massive highscore dominance is racking up multipliers and keeping your speed as high as you can
- The T-rex is not a bug: like the flying dino: hit hitbox covers his head only. He's meant to keep you on the ground, while the hazard tiles and other dinos (there are more in later levels) keep you jumping
- The shield takes 5 fruits to recharge, so if you don't make an effort to collect fruit, you won't get your second chance
- The grasslands are a tutorial level, purposefully meant to be easy and cheerful. Things spice up in the forest and mountain levels, which I assure you won't work well if you just let Bob run on his own without any interaction (you can check them out in the gameplay trailer)
- The pause function, because of timings across platforms, requires almost a full second to kick in. It's not ideal, but it was the only way to ensure that the pause would work properly across all iDevices, with our SDK. Keep both fingers pressed on the screen for half a second or so, and it will pause
- The menu thing with music that's strange. We'll investigate and look into it for 1.1.

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10-18-2010, 11:42 AM
@Silverfell - Thanks for taking tthe time to respond to all my points. I persevered with the pause function (no idea why it should be such a problem for you getting pause to work) and it eventually worked, although it seems broken to me - Bob just runs in place and everything else disappears off the screen but it doesn't feel "paused". There's no pause menu or quit option, nothing. It doesn't say "PAUSED".

I have reached the 2nd zone, the forest area with the gaps between platforms, and performance is quite laggy, on my 3rd gen iPod anyway. The slippery surfaces cause some erratic gameplay in this area. I noticed that if you die here you have to restart at the very beginning of the FIRST zone. I can't see anyone struggling all the way through this zone and then another two zones on one life where restarting means a complete fresh start.

You may want to have a bit of a re-think about this, it isn't exactly "fun". I know it's your way of making players unlock the individual 'endless' zones, but do you really think anyone is going to be able to make it through all 4 zones on one life without dying? Seems like an incredibly hard challenge to me, given the random nature of the levels. Maybe you need to have another method of unlocking the individual areas as practice zones, or just totally change the way the zones are accessed.