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App description: REVIEWS
"The graphics are bright and snappy and the soundtrack is way more fun than the average game. [...]
If youre looking for a simple game to play and like ball throwing/color mixing, Chominance may be just what the doctor ordered."

Test you dexterity, precision and ability to think on your feet with Chrominance!
Flick the colored bubbles that appear on the screen with your finger, when two bubbles collide, they will mix their color, creating a color splash. If the color splash matches the background color you score!
Extremely addicting, easy to pick up, hard to master!

Two game modes:
Classic Mode: proceed through a series of increasingly harder levels until you loose all your energy.
Time Trial: Score as much points that you can in two minutes.

Split screen action on iPad:
Challenge your friends with two versus modes in split screen (available only on iPad)

OpenFeint and Game Center enabled:
Earn achievement on both OpenFeint and Game Center at the same time.
Upload your score on the global leaderboards.
Challenge your friends through OpenFeint.
Cloud Save states: your progress is recorded on the OpenFeint servers, so you can play on your iPhone and iPad keeping the same stats and settings.

Universal App:
Play on your iPhone or iPad with the same app.

Chrominance features:
Original, addicting and easy to pick up game play
Amazing original soundtrack
Classic and Time Trial modes
Two-player Versus modes on the same device (only on iPad)
28 fun achievements to unlock on OpenFeint and Game Center
Online leaderboards
OpenFeint Challanges
OpenFeint integrated with the game art style
Progress saved on OpenFeint Cloud
Automatic save on exit and Multitasking support
Compatible with iPhone (Retina display included), iPad and iPod Touch

Chrominance uses Cocos2d and Chipmunk physics.

EflatGames's comments:
My new game was just released on the AppStore

The game is called Chrominance. It's based on an original gameplay idea, with some elements that should be familiar to most of the iOS gamers. In Chrominance the screen is divided in colored geometrical shapes. The goal is to mix the colors of the bubbles that appear on the screen to match the background color in the zone of the collision. The user can flick the bubbles with one or more fingers, when two of them collide they will mix their colors and generate a paint splash of the resulting color.
It's a simple concept, really easy to pick up, but hard to master in the higher game levels, where the colored zones are smaller, requiring precision and the ability to think on your feet.

There are 2 main game mode in Chrominance: Classic mode where you advance through harder levels and Time Trial mode, where you race against time to obtain the higher score possible. On the iPad there are also two Versus modes for local multiplayer.

Chrominance is a universal application, designed carefully to give the best gaming experience on both the iPad and the iPhone. The Retina support was delayed, but is currently in review from Apple, and should be available in a couple of days.

Chrominance supports OpenFeint 2.7 and Game Center, where available. There are 28 achievements to unlock and global leaderboards for the two main game modes. OpenFeint is integrated seamlessy with the game interface: all notifications are rendered with the game graphics, the friend leaderboards and high scores are rendered in the same game context, so that the user is costantly aware of what friend and score he should try to beat (OF challenges through PUSH notifications are also supported).
Since the game is a universal app, the game data is saved in a OpenFeint cloud, so that the user can keep his settings and stats even when he changes device.

Chrominance also features an original soundtrack, composed and performed by talented musicians, that's perfectly suited with the colorfull mood of the game.

You can find more informations, screenshots and video of the game on the EflatGames page:

Also, to celebrate the new release, my previous game, Star Ride is now free and updated to support game center.

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Those colors are hurting my eyes... sorry... have to pass for this one
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5 codes to give away in the iPhone thread:

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Price drop for this week!
Only 0.99$
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Chrominance 1.0.2 now available
Now the file is under the 20MB limit for 3g connections
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Black Friday Special
Chrominance will be free until tomorrow!
Have fun!
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Five codes for Chrominance:

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Codes should be still available