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  • Publisher: Focus-LX
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 13.5 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: You thought you could party with monkeys and just relax and go with the flow bursting their bubbles?
You were wrong, the high score has to be deserved! You have to be tricky!

Monkey Burps is more than a funny arcade game with its original management touch...

Here some advices to play and let you increase your scores until the current highscore of 700,000 points


- give drinks to monkeys (from 1 to 7)

- pat their inflated bellies

- tap the bubbles to score points

- stroke once a monkey turning back

- shake your iphone to wake a monkey up


- If you don't tap them, the bubbles increase a pollution cloud leading to game over killing the monkeys

- if you don't pat his inflated belly, a monkey flies away increasing the pollution cloud

- if you don't give him a drink, a monkey turns back emetting black bubbles that increase the pollution cloud
you have to stroke his back once from top to toe to throw him in
(caution : you can do that only twice before the monkey pollutes forever)

- if you give him too much alcoohlic drinks, a monkey sleeps emetting black bubbles that increase the pollution cloud
you have to shake him (your device in fact) to wake him up
(caution : you can do that only twice before the monkey pollutes forever)


- The combos allow you to increase faster your score (Bubble combo for multiplying your points, Drink combo for a bonus drink)

- The only way to decrease the pollution cloud is to burst the bonus drink bubble

- Your direct opponent's score is displayed in real time during your game to challenge you

Statistics and leaderboards (all-time best 100's, and last-24h best 100's) make this game REALLY ADDICTIVE.

Monkey Burps is not only a burping game, IT'S A REAL SCORING GAME with quick games that both men and women like.

**************** PRESS QUOTES ****************

« Getting tired of Cut the Rope and Angry Birds? Fancy something new? Monkey Burps could be just what you're after » POCKET GAMER FR

« Innovative and with a vast range of gameplay, Monkey Burps is a great game » APPLICATION IPHONE

« Monkey Burps! Is one of those game that combine fun and addiction » JEUXIPHONE

« We really get into it » APP4IPHONE

**************** PLAYERS QUOTES ****************

« Really cool, coloured and funny game! It is technical enough to challenge us to play again in order to progress! A must-have :) » 3skiss *****

« Pretty good game, cool graphics, bravo! lot of hours of relax :) » Rudylucas ****

« A game as we haven't see for long on the AppStore. However, the first contact is a bit disconcerting because it is not as simple to take in hand, but after a few games we get into it and it becomes addictive. Not too expensive and very original, this game is worth to be playing! » Algodalf ***


TIPS (screenshots and videos) AVAILABLE ON THE GAME'S WEBSITE : http://www.monkeyburps.com

CeD's comments:
Monkey Burps! is now available here : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monkey-burps/id396897582?mt=8

After a hard day at work you catch the train home…
Tonight you are in luck there’s a seat…
Things are looking up…

And then all of a sudden, BUUURP !
Your neighbour gives you a startled look as he finds himself surrounded by the sound of burping.

He glances over: Of course Monkey Burps!
He takes out his game too….

You get off at your stop with a broad smile on your face: you are still champion…


Rise to the challenge and start burping!

Monkey Burps! Is a fast, addictive game in which a cacophony of monkeys just need you so as to show off their belching powers.

To score points: give the monkeys a fizzy drink, pat their bellies to wind them and then burst the bubbles they belch out.

Key points :

• Subversive, cartoon universe
• Simple intuitive gameplay for the whole family
• Fast games

• Your direct opponent’score is displayed driving you to excel yourself making the game very addictive

Tips : These monkeys are tricky characters!

• They sulk if they don’t get a drink! One stroke and they cheer up
• They fly off (cowards!) if they don’t burp! Others take their place
• They fall asleep (or that’s what they say!) if they drink too much ! Shake them to wake them
• They can’t cope with pollution (they’re true greens!)! Burst their bubbles to slow down the build up of pollution
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Congrats on getting the burping monkeys out there!

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