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Dr. Kawashima is back with a brand new assortment of exercises for your brain in More Brain Exercise. Supervised by Dr. Kawashima, the mastermind behind the original brain training game, these new mini games are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain!

Choose one of several different game modes which will provide a great workout to the temporal, parietal and frontal lobes of the brain:

Brain Training - A selection of three random mini games to train your brain each day.

Brain Age - So how old is your brain? Find out and compare the results to your actual age. If your brain age is less than your age, then you're in good shape!

Quick Play - Choose any of the unlocked mini games and practice before you begin the other game modes. Unlock more mini games by completing both Brain Training & Brain Age modes.

Challenge - Compete with your friends to see who has the sharpest mind of all! Challenge mode now allows multiple devices to connect to each other using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!

Sudoku - A bonus game which can be unlocked! Choose one of three difficulty settings to match your skill level.

Intuitive Controls
Simply touch the correct answer or numerical sequence.
Be quick, taking too long to answer will lower your score and add years to your brain age!

Monitor Your Progress
Find out your average brain age and view the calendar to see if you got a gold star for the day.
Follow your temporal, parietal and frontal lobe scores each week so you know what part of the brain you need to work on.
Awards are given for each of the mini games. Are you "Universe" or "Cell?"
Earn achievements for your best workouts!
10-20-2010, 10:23 AM
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It's a VERY hard question on the second picture!
10-20-2010, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Balu` View Post
It's a VERY hard question on the second picture!
Yep -- but see how the answer is on a blue button? When they start throwing you these kind of questions fast the "off color" of the buttons messes with your mind.