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Composer looking to get involved!

10-21-2010, 09:58 AM
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Composer looking to get involved!

Hello folks,

(By the way, I'm not sure if posting this is allowed or not - the rules state against self-promotion, but it seems the only way in this forum?).
I am a composer looking to get involved in video games. I am currently studying music & sound for moving image at the Leeds College of Music.
I come here advertising two fold:
1. One of my projects this year requires a completed show-reel, with real world examples - we can no longer grab a trailer or scene and rescore it. We need proper permission.
2. More importantly, I'd like to get some contacts with whom I can work with to build games.

I truly feel games are moving towards the mobile platform more and more (even more than they are now!) and I prefer the allure of working with a smaller team on a concise product that everyone is passionate about. I'm also a bit of a self confessed apple fan!

My website, for some examples (it is quite out of date so if you're desperate for more recent samples fire me an email on there and I'll reply. I have also chopped all my hair off ).

I am happy to do sound design as well, should that be required.

As I have no credits and am here mainly to build contacts, I am offering to work pro bono; I'd like to work with someone at a similar level as me. I know the 'freebie' guys are not liked much, and if the project is big enough and allows for it I do have very competitive rates. I am also happy to work on % deals and the like.

I realise this board is flooded with composers, so we shall see how this goes. I realise I may be unattractive due to my lack of credits, but please be assured I can handle most thrown at me. I have all required technical abilities and am not just calling myself a composer because I have Garageband!

I'll subscribe to this thread so reply here or email me (from the site) if you'd like to know anything else.

Many thanks and I hope something blooms!


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10-21-2010, 01:08 PM
Hello :P

Hmm, I will just try to give you some advices and hope you won't take that in a bad way....

1. Your thread is too long, the developers here don't have time for that. Try to do something quick, efficient and simple.

2.You say your website is not up to date...why you don't show your actual compositions? You will have more chance to get a response

3.You don't have credits...? Ok, what you can do is to download a video game trailer and remove the audio, and then redo the audio in your way. That will really show what you capable of.

And I saw on your website you worked with 2 bands...why don't you show your work with these bands, here on this thread?

You're not here to have arguments about your credibility, what you want is simply show your skills.

I listened to some of your stuff and it's really good, especially the one for kids, too cute

Hope this will help you.Good luck mate!

10-21-2010, 01:59 PM
Joined: Oct 2010
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Hi Dom,
thanks for your response. In answer:

1. I wrote so much to answer most questions I get asked when posting something like this (also quite a bit shorter than some of the similar ads I've seen posted)

2. My website does show clips of actual compositions - I've not put things on there in a while. I'm not a web developer and am very busy.

3. Rescoring and posting a commercial clip is illegal and can quickly land me in hot water, which I want to avoid.

That kids theme is everyone's favourite, and could not be further removed from what I consider my strongest styles!

Many thanks

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10-22-2010, 12:10 AM
Hello again,

No it is not illegal, I saw many composers doing it, even studios like this one:


And hmmm, what I mean when I say it's too long is that you should just show your past works(or actual works) and show your demo and your clips..because this is what the developer who will click on your thread is looking for...

Hope I'm not annoying and I wish you the best