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Do you like reading on tablets?

08-15-2015, 05:02 PM
Joined: May 2013
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Do you like reading on tablets?

I have a Kindle and a mini..... while I use them, and use them a lot, I much prefer a book or magazine. But I was buying 2 books a month, and 3 -4 magazines a month, and by going digital, I have cut my costs by 90% - by using Oyster and Next Issue.... but the reading experience just doesn't seem to compare at all..... I love the tactile feel of the real thing.
08-15-2015, 05:48 PM
I use Oyster and Kindle but I much prefer a book in my hand. It just isn't the same. I use Kindle for classics that I can get for free and I use Oyster once in a while but the free selection isn't great. I do understand the cost savings though. I went to the bookstore the other day and the paperback I wanted was $15. What happened to $8 paperbacks? The same book was $8 on Oyster.

08-16-2015, 12:14 AM
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I mean with all the little gimmicks like the auto light changing thingy, the extreme access to books, and the sheer ease of not having to hold it open...Yes.
08-16-2015, 01:29 AM
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No. I've tried it and I can't. I really enjoy reading on my Kindle Voyage though, looks great. Actual books are fine too, but it's just much more convenient on an ereader.
08-16-2015, 03:42 AM
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I prefer digital over actual books to be honest it's the difference between instant and waiting on a postal delivery, I do have an eink reader as well but it's so slow that I tend to just throw books on my tablet Note 12.2 or phone LG G3. I use Moon Reader which I have set up to sync my position between the two which means I can read the tablet in bed but continue on with my phone should I get the chance.

I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out
08-17-2015, 03:48 AM
Yes of course, I love to reading on tablets.
08-17-2015, 01:41 PM
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08-17-2015, 02:00 PM
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Great vid Andy. Whenever I buy a book, I always leaf through the pages to get a whiff of it.

Some people are really precious with the books and take care not to break the spines or dig ear the pages, which I totally understand, but to me,a battered book is a loved book that's been read many times, possibly by many people.

To answer Papa, I like both equally. An actual book for the excitement of opening the first page, the smell, the noise of the spine cracking. I'll read a book in the bath wheras I wouldn't take a device in bath with me. Same for the beach, sand is easier to remive from a book than it is an ipad.

But I love the convenience of digital, I can carry a variety of genres around with me, so if I find myself stuck a few mins, I have something light hearted, (twitter wit is my go to quick snippet book) or if I end up on an unexpected over nighter I have something more engaging, beats carrying several books around.

If I really had to choose, I think I'd choose digital, because of cost and space.
08-17-2015, 05:24 PM
Joined: May 2013
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CPuff.... that is the one time I really do like digital... when I go on vacation. It saves 3 - 5 pounds of weight.