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App description: The official game based on the terrifying summer blockbuster that started it all.

Amity Island has everything clear skies, gentle surf, warm water. People flock there every summer. Its the perfect feeding ground.

As local Police Chief Martin Brody, your job is to keep the waters of Amity safe. Unfortunately, theres a large and deadly threat with a big appetite lurking out there. You must respond to numerous distress calls around the island and rescue swimmers before they become the sharks next meal.


A Must Buy 4.5/5 Stars AppAdvice.com
Jaws for the iPhone is cause for celebration TouchArcade.com
The later levels are downright frantic, and Jaws himself looks great TouchArcade.com

Great twist on the path drawing-drawing genre SlidetoPlay.com
Its pretty easy for us to recommend Jaws on the iPhone SlidetoPlay.com

Features Include:
- Casual and intuitive touch-based game
- Touch, drag and flick swimmers to beaches and boats out of the way of Jaws
- Survival and Campaign Mode
-10 challenging levels with a climactic final battle between man and shark
- The Academy Award ® winning theme from John Williams brings the intensity of Jaws to life on your iOS device

goiMot's comments:

iphone version:
10-25-2010, 10:34 PM
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This seems like a new app instead of an update to the original which makes bi sense since it's universal. Unless and update is still coming for the original to make it iPad native also.

10-26-2010, 01:36 AM
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any global leaderboards?
10-26-2010, 10:29 AM
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When they say HD, are they referring to the app icon? Because the in-game graphics are as blurry as they can get (iPod Touch 4g)
10-26-2010, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by oneWAYup7 View Post
When they say HD, are they referring to the app icon? Because the in-game graphics are as blurry as they can get (iPod Touch 4g)
That's named realism, under water everything is blurry.

So you hand a hyper realistic game and you complain? That's giving fruits jam to pigs.
10-26-2010, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Qordobo View Post
That's named realism, under water everything is blurry.

So you hand a hyper realistic game and you complain? That's giving fruits jam to pigs.
So the menus, the sand and swimmers´half bodies are underwater too? News to me.

I think it´s deceiving. I can´t even imagine how this looks on an iPad.

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10-26-2010, 04:27 PM
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Hello guys,

I do understand the reasons for launching two separate games into HD and “regular” versions, even though I do not agree with that business practice, but what Bytemark Games did was absolutely ridiculous.

Launching an universal version of the same game? What is the logic on that? Who is going to buy again? It makes no sense. Why not making this an update?

Well, I wrote to the devs asking if there is something new. The answer was no, the only new thing is the updated graphics.

Jaws is a terrific game and it should be very pleasant to play (and watch) on the iPad and the latest generation of iDevices, but buying it again is pointless.



PS: As of 6:23 pm ET (10/23/10), the game was pulled

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10-27-2010, 12:05 AM
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If they pulled it maybe they realized it should have been an update and wasn't.
One can hope.
11-06-2010, 01:29 AM
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11-14-2010, 08:28 PM
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Game Impressions

Well I got it and like it, especially the Survival Mode.

The concept is pretty simple, get swimmers to safety before a big ol' nasty shark munches them.

You simply flick the swimmers the direction you want them to go, and if a level with boats, you can drag them a path (just like Harbor Master or Flight Control). If a swimmer and a boat with an open spot collide the swimmer is whisked up onto the boat. If the boat if full, no damage done to the swimmer or boat but they won't be picked up. Once on shore or on a boat that goes off screen they are considered safe and secure. Actually once rescued in a boat they're already safe from the shark but if in the panic two loaded boats collide, all of the previously rescued swimmers on the two boats will need to be re-rescued!

There is a danger meter down at the bottom of the screen (as well as the music) that lets you know how close the next shark attack is. Once it goes all the way to the right (and the music has reached a big crescendo), Bruce, the Great White Shark, is on screen looking for some grub! Lucky for the swimmers he pretty much just makes fast passes through the screen in mostly a straight line meaning that if swimmers paddle it just right they can get out of his direct path and be safe...until he comes back on another pass. Bruce will make his passes through the area from any direction (yes, even if he just swam off down below he might reappear from the top, there is no real logic to it) and he seems to come through quicker and more often as time goes on in any given level! You also have some control if how quickly things escalate as swimmers left out in the water too long or that bump against one another will tend to panic which ramps up the danger meter much quicker than when things are relatively calm. So even if you did just see that swimmer 5' away from you get chowed down in his last pass...DON'T PANIC!

In some levels you'll even have a gunboat which lets you take aimed shots at the shark. While it won't even kill him, you can scare him off for a short bit if you manage to actually hit him with a shot. God forbid you bump any boats into this one or you'll lose you one means of defense!

In both Campaign Missions and Survival Mode, play continues until 4 swimmers have become shark food or you've completed the mission's objectives.

In the game's 10 Mission Campaign you're presented with a series of tougher and tougher scenarios that will take one of three primary modes:

Beach Rescue: Guide the swimmers to shore as quickly as possible!

Open Water Rescue: Grab the swimmers in boats and then head off screen.

Docks: Grab the swimmers in a boat and then dock the boat at the pier to rescue them.

Lastly, an interesting tip I learned from looking at achievements not covered in instructions:

Double-tapping a boat will cause it to go twice as fast but then you are no longer able to steer it anymore (so if the shark looks like it will make it to a swimmer before your boat with an empty slot would normally, aim the boat at the swimmer and double tap it!).


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