App description: [ Galaxy on Fire 2 is the award-winning space shooter that set a new standard for sci-fi gaming on the App Store. If you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or new iPad, wed recommend you to download the graphically overhauled HD version of the game. If you have an older iOS device, the regular version of GOF2 would be best for you! ]

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a premium-quality 3D space combat and trading simulation with adventure and RPG elements. Take over the role of the hot-headed space war veteran Keith T. Maxwell and save the galaxy from its impeding destruction by the hands of devious alien raiders, ruthless space pirates and power-crazy madmen!

Take on new adventures and face new challenges with the extensive new expansion pack Supernova and the critically acclaimed first add-on Valkyrie (available via in-app purchase)! Fly new space ships, mount new weapons, meet new characters, visit new star systems and experience new campaigns with a combined playing time of more than 20 hours!

In addition, you can also purchase your own space station, the infamous Kaamo Club, in order to store tons of items and park or even pimp your favourite ships.

# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #
The international press loves Galaxy on Fire 2 and calls it "the best space shooter in the App Store" (148 Apps, 4.5/5 points), "a Freelancer for the iPhone" (Gamedot 10/10 points) and "a must-have for the heavy gamer on the go" (AppCraver, 5/5 points).

# # # TRUST THE FANS # # #
The fans have given Galaxy on Fire 2 thousands of 5-star ratings! According to them, "the graphics are ridiculously good and the controls are smooth as silk" (Obijon6). Among others, they have called it "one of the best games in the App Store" (Dikano) and "a great space adventure" (Sparksinva).

A vast galaxy with over 20 star systems and more than 100 individual planets and space stations
More than 30 customizable spaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems, power-ups and commodities
A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based and sandbox gameplay
High-quality visuals including detailed 3D models, hi-res textures and breath-taking Special FX
3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting
Action Freeze: Take screenshots from any perspective and share them on Facebook
Native support of the Retina Display of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and new iPad
Synchronisation of save games via iCloud between SD, HD and Full HD (Mac) version

Get in touch with thousands of other Galaxy on Fire 2 fans through our official website, forums and social media profiles! Were looking forward to hear from you!

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Galaxy on Fire 2 does still run smoothly on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G and on the first iPad. If youve got a newer iOS device, wed recommend you to buy the graphically overhauled Galaxy on Fire 2 HD instead.

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Catapulted into a war-torn future, eminent space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful alien race, and then thrown into turmoil amidst the dark Valkyrie conspiracy. Join Keith in an intergalactic trek of exploration, pirates, space battles, weird aliens and romance.

A hyperdrive malfunction sends Keith T. Maxwell through space and time; awakening 35-years later at the far end of the galaxy, where a strange alien species is wreaking destructive havoc on the warring races occupying this volatile sector of space.

Despite his efforts to return home, Keith is drawn into a plot to investigate and stop this alien menace and ultimately find his way home after bringing the war to an explosive conclusion.

Setting out to find the perpetrator of the mysterious Valkyrie conspiracy, Keith finds himself drawn into the darkest and most remote corners of the galaxy, running into the devious space trader Mkkt Bkkt, flying new Vossk spaceships, encountering the secretive Deep Science faction and even buying his own space bar!

Join Keith on his latest adventure by updating Galaxy on Fire 2 to its newest version and downloading the exciting new Valkyrie add-on pack through an in-app purchase of just US $4.99/ 3.99/2.99.

Follow the rich and engrossing storyline through a fully 3D, war-torn galaxy for over 10-hours of action-packed gameplay, or head off at any time on an interplanetary journey of your own design; mining asteroids, trading ore and supplies, taking on mercenary missions, working as a pirate and manufacturing new weapons and equipment.

Download additional missions and stories through in-app purchases to keep the adventure going and the galaxy burning once youve completed the main plotline.

Buy and customize more than 30 different types of space ship to aid you in a variety of heart-pounding missions, including escorting convoys under pirate attack, capturing intergalactic criminals, rescuing alien VIPs, transporting valuable goods between systems, commanding mercenaries on dangerous tactical assignment, and recovering alien technology from distant parts of the galaxy.

A huge galaxy with over 20 solar systems and beautifully rendered planets
100 unique 3D space stations and more than 30 customizable space ships
Unique reputation and diplomacy system
Story-based, mission-based and free gameplay
Complex trading system with over 170 different commodities of all kinds
High quality visuals and music, full voice acting (English) and 3D sound
Action Freeze: 3D screenshot tool to save screenshots from any perspective and upload them to Facebook
Game Centre and OpenFeint integration of leader boards, achievements and saved games
High resolution support for retina display
Downloadable content, new missions and new stories now available through in-app purchase.
Buy your own space station and bar, allowing you to place multiple ships in dry dock and stow goods and merchandise.
Re-release of three classic spaceships from the original Galaxy on Fire.

Additional high resolution textures
Customizable controls
Adapted interface

New storyline complete with English voiceover.
New Vossk and Deep Science spaceships.
New weapons and equipment, including guided missiles, mines, auto-turrets, repair robots and shields.
Black market trading system.
Nine new planets across four new solar systems.

"Must have! Galaxy on Fire 2 is a supernova." - 10/10

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Beta tester Required for Mac version:...
10-26-2010, 06:56 PM
Just playing the first mission. Wow this looks fantastic on an iPhone 4, voice acting also puts gameloft to shame!

Have had to change to touch controls though, no quick way to calibrate accelerometer/gyro controls, and i move around alot!

Touch controls though are very acceptable. Like the way I was heading for Eden prime, straight out of Mass Effect! the mining mini game.. way more fun than mining in mass effect 2

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10-26-2010, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by your personal robot View Post
Hm, early battles feed terribly slow.
I guess, I'm Star Bataillon spoiled...
Slow as in intentional pace of the gameplay, or slow as in poor frame rate?

10-26-2010, 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by Gabrien View Post
Slow as in intentional pace of the gameplay, or slow as in poor frame rate?
Slow as in intentional pace of the gameplay.

I would rather say it's part of the game mechanics... the idea is that it gets harder as you advance.

As you get money, you can upgrade your ship (or get a better one) and fight harder missions. You can also control a squad of wingmen and all this will lead to epic battles.
10-26-2010, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dumaz1000 View Post
I can't resist pointing out the fact that a game revolving around intergalactic space travel cannot possibly be realistic. It's about as realistic as Star Trek and Star Wars, both of which are, of course, ridiculously unrealistic.
realistic is a relative term. If you lived 1000 years in the future, do you think that things would be as they are now? Don't you think things that are unrealistic now would be much more plausible then? Just because we don't know how to do something, doesn't mean it can't be done. It's only a matter of time. A side note: did you know that most of the technology that we have now were inspired by star trek and star wars? They brought about change by simply inspiring people to try new ideas. That is all.

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10-26-2010, 07:29 PM

My primary device is an iPad. If I buy it for $6, will I get the iPad update for free?
10-26-2010, 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by ScbyPwr View Post

My primary device is an iPad. If I buy it for $6, will I get the iPad update for free?
Yes, get the app now and whithin a few weeks the universal update will hit. You will get the update for free. The game is on sale for a limited time though, the real price is 9.99
10-26-2010, 07:45 PM
Ok, a few questions for anyone who has already played:

Is the "open world" aspect open from the start or are you forced into completing missions?

Are you able to do any manual take-offs/landings, or are they skipped via cut-scenes? On the same note, do missions abruptly end after, for example, you shoot down your last target, as in the first game?

Does the game "cheat" as it did in the first game, by resetting your way point if you do something other than what IT wants you to do? For example: if you choose to outrun enemies towards your objective way point instead of engaging, it resets the way point thus forcing you into combat before allowing you to proceed.

I guess the problem I really had with the first game was that the game world was fairly transparent and far from convincing. I'm wondering if that has been improved in the sequel or not.

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10-26-2010, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Nigra View Post
Yes, get the app now and whithin a few weeks the universal update will hit. You will get the update for free. The game is on sale for a limited time though, the real price is 9.99
Thanks...with so few developers doing this, how can hardly anyone know (i.e. gameloft?)
10-26-2010, 07:48 PM
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Game Impressions

First impressions:
  • Voice acting is a bit of an overstatement
  • The game is durned pretty.
  • The first battles are slow in pace, but feel incredibly fluid and responsive. I've yet to play a space sim (or flight sim) that feels this good on an iOS device. However, some advanced maneuvers would not have been out of place. Rolling, vertical u-turns, etc. It would have contributed immensely to the fun of combat.
  • There is an OpenFeint slot among the save games! I've yet to find out how to save to it... but there is an OpenFeint slot among the save games!
  • Very little info available in-flight. I can check the cargo hold and my active mission, but nothing else. It would have been nice with some ship stats, weapon info, my character records, medals, faction info, and my statistics (all available from the station menu). I'm probably and hopefully wrong, but the current lack of in-flight info reduces my hope for free-roaming gameplay, since the game seems too tied to the stations (giving me the hopefully erroneous feeling that I'll only be leaving the stations for specific missions, not the possibility to travel and go anywhere).
  • The autopilot is convenient and nice, but it could have been more so with the option to speed up travel time (a staple of Elite-style space sims).
  • There are no speed controls. The ship just keeps flying at the same pace, unable to speed up or stop. This is a shame, and a wasted opportunity. Makes the game feel less like a space sim, and more like a simple action shooter. It is also incredibly annoying when mining, since you have to keep the crosshair on an asteroid for a while to scan it for minerals, and the lack of speed settings for the ship often causes you to either have to break off and break the scan, or run into the asteroid and destroy it.
  • Short loading times. Nice.
  • Off-game achievements give in-game money. Very silly, and breaks immersion.
  • Only one freelance mission at a time. Silly and cumbersome. With a proper in-flight status interface (missions, stats, medal, being able to view equipment and ship, etc), a mission log would not have been much of a problem to implement.
  • Medium ship customization. Weapons, armor and equipment, but no switching engines, etc. Ships have a "handling" stat, but no speed rating, which makes me wonder if all ships fly at the same speed. I truly, really hope not, for currently, the space battles are really slow (in spite of feeling so fluid). You can't outrun enemies, nor chase them down. All ships just chug along at seemingly the same slow speed. This will make or break the game for me, in the long run.
  • No communication with NPCs in-flight. I'm assuming that attacking them will lower reputation and possibly cause the law to come after you.
  • The universe does feel rather alive, with NPCs flying about the place.
  • The game is NOT fully voiced. All story dialogues are, but chatting with NPCs in bars is not fully voiced.
  • The bar is very nice. Not only does it offer missions, but even opportunities to purchase smuggle goods and profit from circumstance.
  • The little arrows that show if a ship has better stats than your current ship are a good idea, but I'd gladly see them replaced with a coloured (red for worse, green for better, white for same stats, as per the current coloured arrows) number within brackets showing my current ship's stats. Now, I often look at a ship, exit to check the stats of my current ship, then look at the new ship again. And, if I am particularly unfocused, I repeat this an additional one-two times
  • The writing is actually bearable at all times, and occasionally rather good. I've found the humour to be surprisingly, well... humorous
  • The mining mini-game is actually pretty clever. I'm sure it will be both bothersome and tiresome after a few days, but at least it is fun to begin with, unlike many mini-games The mechanics of the mini-game also pertain to the actual mining process, which is nice.
  • Rotating 3D starmap!
  • Rotating 3D starmap!
I've never wanted co-operative multiplay in an iOS game any more than right now. Being able to co-exist in the same galaxy (even if one player is demoted to wingman), Star Battalion-style, would be a new kind of iOS experience.

And the idea of battles against other players over WiFi makes my head AND my ship spin...

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10-26-2010, 08:29 PM
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alright, I have a question. One thing that bugged the heck out of me in the first one was the fact that if you wanted to buy a new ship, you had to sell your old one. I ended up having all file slots filled with games each with a different ship because I couldn't choose; I liked them all. So, my question is, is there a feature like in warpgate where you can buy and ship and sell it back at full price so you could test out new ships without feeling stuck with them? Or maybe the ability to store ships at the stations so you can go back and swap out ships whenever you want? I'll probably still buy it even without these features, I was just curious to see if anything new go implemented.

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