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Want a port of Jump'n'Bump?

10-30-2010, 02:56 PM
Want a port of Jump'n'Bump?


I am Steve from Spielhaus. We considered porting the famous lil' game Jump'n'Bump to the iPhone. The game is about jumping around with cute bunnies on the other player's heads - producing a serious amount of gore
I remember how much fun we had with it and thought that it might be fun on the iPhone as well.

The original:

Youtube link | Pop Up

We have created a small (and by no means complete) prototype with Cocos2D to explore the gameplay.
Check out the HD version of the video.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Please excuse the sh***y video. I fumbled with my old iPod Touch 2G while filming with the iPhone 4...

As you can see there is no actual damage implemented - kinda god mode so far. However as it stands it seems that Trung (the other part of Spielhaus) doesn't think that this game will be of any interest on the iPhone. I don't think so - and I need you to help me to prove him wrong! There are tons of user made levels for this game and I think this would be great fun to play especially regarding multiplayer. Just imagine the chaos when up to four people splatter each other for the sake of the higher frag count

To be honest the reason I am posting this (and getting rid of the paranoia that other devs might snatch this idea, implement it and get rich with it) was Eli's post about iDOS: The importance of iDOS. It reminded me how much potential remains dormant in these old games.

For this game to become reality - there are of course some roadblocks to clear first. We need to contact the owner of the original game (Brainchild) and negotiate licensing (not sure here - this game is freeware and there are many ports for other platforms).

Here are some infos about the original game:
Wikipedia article
Latest version for the PC

Fun dev fact. Although this is a prototype, the level loading logic is nifty. Each tile is represented by a positive number. The map for the prototype is this simple file (0 represets invisible, blank blocks):
So what do you think? Would this game be any fun? What about the game modes? I think that multiplayer might be a blast. Since it is not trivial to implement would a singleplayer mode with waves of computer opponents suffice for the first release?
This is my last attempt to persuade Trung to work with me on the game - wish me luck.


Unix guy, Mac head, iPhone dev, Rails wannabe, Computer Science alumnus, usability guesspert and overall big time visionary

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10-30-2010, 03:05 PM
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looks promising seriously would like to see this on iphone main thing is getting controls and multiplayer right. it would be good if you could do 4 person multiplayer for the extra madness plz port in now!!

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11-14-2010, 06:33 PM
Allright folks. Thanks for (not) answering. I have ditched any plans to make this game a realty on iOS
If another dev gets rich with it, you'll hear a loud roar from Germany

Unix guy, Mac head, iPhone dev, Rails wannabe, Computer Science alumnus, usability guesspert and overall big time visionary