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iPad: Introducing Astro Noughts

11-03-2010, 05:42 PM
Introducing Astro Noughts

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on my third game which I plan on releasing this year exclusively for the iPad.

(update: 28th November)

I've just submitted Astro Noughts to Apple for approval. With any luck it should be in the App store in December.

Here's a batch of new screenshots and a gameplay video (please excuse the quality)

Youtube link | Pop Up


(update: 8th November)

New screenshot for you. Finalised some of the GUI elements.

Its an arcade, puzzle game set in space... with a mathematical twist. Think you're good at mental arithmetic? Now's your chance to prove it.
  • Calculate equations from the target numbers
  • Collect powerups to give you the competitive edge
  • Progress through waves and avoid asteroids
  • Unlock unique planets and view them in the planetarium
  • Prove your mathematical superiority with online leaderboards

If you have any comments/ideas/questions i'd love to hear them. I'll post some more screenshots and videos over the coming months.

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