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Howdy, pardner! The Great Land Grab is on! The hit GPS mobile game is now available on the iPhone.

TGLG is like a giant board game... where the board is the real world, and you and your iPhone are a game piece! See the GPS map as you've never seen it before - every spot on the map has been parceled out and is up for grabs. Buy up all the parcels you want - so long as you can get yourself there. Earn rent from your property over time... but the game is multiplayer, so watch out for claim-jumpers trying to buy your land out from under you! Become a land baron and climb the leaderboards for your town, or for the world!

The Great Land Grab is also a great way to discover local stores and businesses. Some even offer exclusive deals for players!

Come join the thousands already playing! Whether you're traveling across town or crossing the country, The Great Land Grab is the perfect game to play for minutes at a time, but will entertain you for months on end!

DeepPlaid's comments:
The Great Land Grab Plus!

Buy it now on the App Store!


If you're sick of people who think that FourSquare is actually a game, try The Great Land Grab - it uses your GPS to do location-based gameplay, but it's actually a competitive game, in which you buy property you land on in your hometown (and by "land on" I mean "the phone has to detect you're actually there)!

Visit the game website at: http://www.thegreatlandgrab.com/

Some background on the development and the developers...
The Android version of this game was developed by my friend Jake Gostylo, almost entirely on his own, and I decided to port it to iPhone for him, as my first iPhone game project.

I'm Shay Pierce (my micro-studio is "Deep Plaid Games"); I'm a professional programmer in the games industry. (I once worked for Blizzard; I also worked at Midway Austin with several of the guys who went on to make "I Dig It" and "Spider"... and as of this week I'm actually working on contract for NewToy, the Words With Friend guys... turns out that making this iPhone app was good experience for me! You can find out more about my background and Deep Plaid Games at http://DeepPlaid.com

Making this port was a grueling 9 months of work (it was made entirely in my spare time, I had a full-time job throughout... in fact I was working for SOE on DC Universe Online when I started developing it). I hope it was worth it! There's not a lot of games that use your GPS location that I've seen on the iPhone.

Play it and let us know what you think!
11-05-2010, 03:23 PM
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TGLG is now live, buy it now in the App Store!!!

02-04-2012, 09:20 PM
Wow, the cheating in this game is completely out of control.