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Glow Puzzle 1.2 - Major Update (need feedbacks)

11-07-2010, 03:43 PM
Glow Puzzle 1.2 - Major Update (need feedbacks)

Glow Puzzle got over 2.2 million downloads to date and we've been working on a major update (v1.2) for the game. Here are the list of features that we are planning to squeeze in for the holiday season.

We need your feedback and do let us know if you feel that there are any features lacking in the game at this moment or if there's way for us to improve an existing feature.

Update Features
- Retina Display
- Achievements via Game Center & OpenFeint
- Level Previewer (puzzle preview before beginning a level)
- Animated Logo
- Better puzzle animation
- Option Menu (Sound/Music control, Color theme selection)
- iPod background support
- Up to 300 level puzzles (for Free)
- Progress synching (so you can play it from any iDevice you own)

Achievement We're Planning
- Solve x puzzles (multiple level)
- Complete Level Pack (grouped)
- Play Glow Puzzle for x duration.
- your suggestion...

Should we implement these achievements and are there any achievements you can recommend for this game?

// Feature Suggestion Contest

What to Win?
3x $15 iTunes Gift Card

How to Participate
Participate in Glow Puzzle discussion thread and share us suggestions on how we can further improve Glow Puzzle as well as the list of achievements that we should includefor the game. Three random winners will be selected at the end of the week.

If you haven't try the game please get it from the link below and help us build a beautiful game.

Glow Puzzle on App Store

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11-07-2010, 04:52 PM
Would it be more encouraging for user to post feedback if we were to give out iTunes Gift Cards for few of the best suggestion?

11-07-2010, 04:57 PM
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For achievements:

1. Don't make it so you HAVE to buy the packs to get all achievements.

2. Fun achievements like 'fail 50 times (loser)', 'restart 50 times (dedicated)' or 'watch the tutorial 10 times (slow learner)' are great and can make good secret achievements.

3. Solve a puzzle in x number of seconds?

I'll add more as I think of them.

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11-07-2010, 06:29 PM
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1 have an achievement called Nexx Follower where you have bought at least 1 other Nexx game
2 have an achievement where you invite a friend to play
3 Super Fan achievement where you buy all Nexx games and level packs!
11-07-2010, 06:42 PM
-i think multiplayer would be nice, could do it via game center. 2 ppl get the same puzzle, first one to finish it wins.

-maybe a timed mode, the faster you finish, the more points you get.. then could maybe do a leader board off of that.

-i would like a 'complete' version, where you pay a certain amount & have all the packs unlocked. instead of buying individual packs.

-oh and alots of achievements for game center! the more the better!

-how about making your own puzzles for others to solve??

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11-07-2010, 06:45 PM
For achievements....

1. complete the tutorial
2. complete all free level packs
3. buy at least one level pack

I would like to see at least 15 achievements; global leaderboards and multiplayer faceoffs (via GameCenter) would also be great.
11-07-2010, 07:05 PM
First off, I think it would be a good touch to make it so you can drag the line instead of just touching the dots. I mean you could make it an option to do it either way, but the dragging option adds more interactivity for the user.

Some small tidbits that could help improve would be to
a.) make the first level just be the tutorial level and give the player the option to feel out how to actually do it in the tutorial level itself.
b.) adding a timer so the user can have a high score for each puzzle would be a nice touch.
c.) adding the "create a level" feature I see you're working on that though

Some achievements can be..
a.) complete set 1(2,3,etc.) without using "solution"
b.) complete a puzzle in a period of time or under a period of time.
c.) tell a friend achievement (email/fb)
d.) beat tutorial achievement (newb)
11-07-2010, 08:29 PM
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My suggestions:
1. There can be some hidden stars in some levels. Once you finish the game, you can get the stars. Then the stars can be used to buy new packs (instead the real currency). And also you can buy stars via DLC (cheaper than the price of packs)
2. The animation of the solutions (unlocked by consuming stars)
3. Retina Display (surely in progress)
4. Level Editor (I know it's in development)

About achievements:
1. Finish/Read the Tutorial/Help (Fast Learner)
2. View the Credits (Who are we?)
3. Using X Theme (Chameleon)
4. Try a level for X Times (Battery Killer)
5. Skip a level (Escaper)
6. Skip X Levels (Coward)
7. All but 1 still incomplete in a level pack (Prisoner)

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11-07-2010, 08:53 PM
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WOW great game! Some features you cam add is multiplayer and have a competiton with friends to see who can complete the most puzzles in a given amount of time. You can also add the redo button instead of redoing the whole puzzle redo the step you just did so its less fustrating. Some more colors could be nice an also a "hint" button which could maybe tell you where to click next instead of giving the whole solution away. Some good achievements you can add are: solving a puzzle on the first try without any redos or false moves. Having a streak of puzzles solve on first try. Or even completing a certain puzzle within X time. Overall i have to say this is an amazing game and im going to rate it 5 stars! Good job.
Edit: Oh yeah and you can also instead of having random shapes put pictures of objects, like for example connect dots to look like a dog, or tree or a stick person. You can also add a mode where you can create you own puzzle and put it online for people to download. Oh and some other achievements you can add are like telling your friend about the game (that way more people know about your game.) or not using the solution button in X consecutive levels. When I think of more ideas I'll edit again.
Edit 2: You can also have a different mode like you have to start at a certain point and end at a certain point because there can be more tan one way to solve these puzzles. Some more achievements could be spending a total of X amount on the app or even include an online leaderboard. And maybe if its possible you can add a 3D puzzle that is a "bonus."
Edit 3: You can also add a "survival mode" which a BIG puzzle is available and see how long you can survive without messing up. Achievements can also go along with that like for example: survive X clicks before messing up.
Edit 4: If you want you can also add a special set of very tough puzzles that can be solved and whoever solves it can get one of the level packs unlocked without paying and also unlocks an achievement. This idea can also work without unlocking the level and earn only an achievement if you feel that it's cutting away at being paid. Also for the level editor you can make it more fun for people to make by instead of the points being circles, you can make them stars, rectangles, triangles, or any shape so each person's puzzle would look a bit unique. Earning the different shapes for level editor can be gained by passing a certain level on the main game. (the points I'm refering to are the little circles you click to connect the lines.)
Edit 5: Some new doodads you can add to your puzzles are backgrounds or even moving backgrounds and change of colors, because it might get a bit dull when playing the same color, background, shapes the whole time. Adding new unlockable backgrounds may be an idea also so people can add unique backgrounds to their puzzles. New achievements could be "unlock X backgrounds." posting scores via Facebook and Twitter may be something to look forward to that way the players can show off their scores online and at the same time help get your game public.
Edit 6: To get your game even more known an achievement of rating and review the game could also be given. Also adding a new in app function where players and leave a feedback or suggestion could also be helpful if you want ideas. An achievement could be given to them if their suggestion is good.
Edit 7: For the level editor you can also make unlockable sound effects so it's not always the same sound when you click. More "mini games" you could include are like an Ispy type of thing where you hide little objects in the puzzle and if people find the object they can unlock achievements.
Edit 8: A VERY important function to add to your game is an option of playing your own music in the background. I think that many people will appreciate this new add-on. More achievements could be click a total of X amount of circles including of a mistake was made. (this means that each time you click the circles it would count as 1 click and if you mess up the puzzle it would still be 1 click. This would count for the whole game not just one level, meaning the total amount of clicks.)
Once I have more ideas I will edit my post again so check back at this post and maybe there's something new .

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11-08-2010, 02:41 PM
@Enco: Achievements and puzzle time sound great for ranking effort.

@Starscream1017: We would really like to squeeze in the multiplayer idea but we'll see if that's possible. We're already working on a level creation tool with email sharing

@MarioKartMaster: It's pretty hard thinking what to implement for achievements that's why we're approaching the users for feedbacks! Do help out!

@saiyukialex: You got some nice achievement listed. Try to think of more

@Versago: You got a long list of ideas and I'll try to include most of them!

Thanks everyone, keep em coming and post more achievements ideas if anything hit your mind!