App description: It's you against "The Cube"!!! Way more than just a new kind of puzzle.
Cubetrix is very simple and yet challenging, fast and dynamic. Use your skills to try mastering it's 3 modes. Relax while playing Classic Mode, run against time in Time Attack Mode, and put your brain to the test with Puzzle Mode.


See how far you can get solving as many puzzles as you can. But beware! You only have 3 lives. But if you are good enough you won't need to worry... so much. There are some bonuses that will help you on the way through.


Pure adrenaline!! It's you against the clock! Try earning as much score as you can in 2 minutes.


If you think we couldn't squeeze your brain even more, you were wrong. In this mode you will have to come up with the perfect solution!
The bets are high. You can't lose, but if you are not smart enough you won't win either.

- Powered by a 3D Engine with smooth animations and stunning graphics.
- Simple game mechanics.
- GameCenter, Facebook and Twitter integrated.
- Worldwide leaderboards.
- Tons of achievements.