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Just looking at the first screenshot, you can immediately play this game.

Have you ever been stuck in a waiting room, or at the airport (or at the BMV!) with a few hours to spare, and nothing to do? Been there and done that, right? Those long waits, though unavoidable, DONT have to be boring and frustrating, and leaving you worried and stressed about your ruined schedule. Here comes Situation SHUFFLE, a reasoning game for iPhone that is so engrossing, challenging and entertaining that youll be trying to figure out how your hour in the waiting room flew by so fast! With Situation SHUFFLE, all you've got to do is arrange a set of images in the right sequence. Any set of images within Situation SHUFFLE can be based on a wide variety of places, things and situations meaning that you never get bored as you try to solve problem after problem. Remember, though, youll have to be super-observant if youre going to crack the code!

- 30 IQ quizzes, 30 extra quizzes and 6 SHUFFLE quizzes

- Tests that develop critical thinking skills

- Option of conveniently zooming on pictures to observe details

- Handy hints for guidance

- Exciting music and sound effects

- Suitable for all age groups

Situation SHUFFLE has 30 IQ quizzes consisting of six pictures each. The pictures are colorful and bright, and each set of images presents a unique sequencing challenge. All it takes is an eye for detail!

* Look at each picture closely to spot the subtle links that determine the order of the pictures

*Tap on the pictures to zoom into them and pick up little hints

*Drag the pictures and rearrange them in the correct sequence

*Once done, you can check if you've got the order right

Four hints are available for each puzzle and you can make use of them when you need some direction in order to proceed further. At the end of each quiz, you can check to see how your IQ score has been ranked.

Similarly there are 30 extra quizzes that can be unlocked one-by-one, when you complete an IQ quiz. These are like bonus rounds in which the objective is to try and arrange the image cards in order, according to the title of the quiz. These extras are highlighted by an Auto Check option which locks a card in position whenever you make a right move, making it easy to check your progress.

There are six hidden SHUFFLE quizzes waiting to be unlocked! You win IQ points depending on the number of combos you score but you've got to be quick because time is ticking away. These quizzes are a fun way of testing yourself and improving your concentration skills (in addition to giving you hours and hours of gaming fun)!

See how attentive you are; how good you are at noticing specific details, like colors, decoration and subtle changes in presentation; check to see if your analytical skills are sharp enough to solve all these puzzles; rank your IQ! Situation SHUFFLE is the perfect reasoning app that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.
Download this app now and youll NEVER again be bored in a waiting room!

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Just try out the screenshot~! you can immediately play this game.

Genre : Puzzle
Price : FREE for Limited Time
iTunes URL : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/situation-shuffle/id399204849?mt=8

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Worst idea ever!
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Situation SHUFFLE - i.Q Quiz #2

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Situation SHUFFLE - i.Q Quiz #3

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Situation SHUFFLE - i.Q Quiz #4

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Situation SHUFFLE - i.Q Quiz #5

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