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iPad: Go Usagi! - On Sale! 0.99$

11-18-2010, 01:32 PM
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Go Usagi! - On Sale! 0.99$

Hello everyone, i'm Dan the developer of Go Usagi!
Destigo games is pleased to announce the release of 1.01 and the start of a 10days sales period. The latest update includes support for 3g downloads and 3.1.x devices, aswell as a number of new features and some bugfixes. After a very positive first round of press reviews (mostly scored 8/10 on major sites) we are very looking forward to hear from the community.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/go-usagi/id401544540?mt=8
iTunes Link (lite version): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/go-usagi-lite/id401545954?mt=8

I'm not sure how to add the fancy description on this forum, i hope a moderator cleans it up for me or pokes me by email incase. I looked for information but couldn't find any

We do welcome critics, suggestions, comments, reviews, flames, we simply would love to hear from any of you what did you think and how was your game experience.

The Usagi are a cute rabbits, most famous for the delicious Mochi they make....

* 36 Unique Levels
* HD on iPad/iPhone4
* Smooth level difficulty curve
* Star Rating System
* Unique Beautiful Graphics
* Child friendly

The aliens on the other hand, also like this unique Mochi
so much so, that they have traveled, light years, to Earth to seek out the rare, undisturbed Usagi, from their work.
Can you help the Usagi keep their most secret Mochi safe, and out of the tentacles of the aliens.
The highly intelligent aliens, will try by all means necessary, to kill the Usagi for the secret Mochi.
Which has been passed down by generations, of Usagi be the Hero that saves them, in this frustrating puzzle game, and work through the 36 unique levels, to save their secret.
Their fate is in your hands!
Good luck may the Usagi be with you!

Go Usagi, is a motivating game, that looks fantastic, on the ipad and iphones, with its stunning high definition visuals.
With simple yet accurate and precise touch, and drag controls, by directing the correct arrows, in the correct place, will allow the usagi to escape to freedom.
But it is not as simple as you may think, as the stages develop, and get very difficult, be careful to avoid the all devouring aliens, who are desperate for there Mochi...

Good luck and have fun !

p.s. for a moderator, this is a copy of the thread in the iphone section, how do i ghost threads so it's displayed in both and it's not duplicating which is awefull?
11-18-2010, 02:28 PM
Hi Dan,

This game doesn't seem to be set as a universal app in iTunes, yet you claim it offers "HD on iPad/iPhone4". Do you have plans to make this a universal app so that it takes advantage of the larger screen on the iPad?

Otherwise, as I suspect a moderator will tell you, this app only belongs in the iPhone forum as it isn't truly an iPad game, just an iPhone/iPod Touch game that happens to run OK when zoomed to 2x on an iPad.

11-18-2010, 02:49 PM
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Hi Finandir, yes there are plans to be universal soon, however it would not be much different from what it is now. If the moderator find it in appropriate please do feel free to remove it, no harm meant no harm done. The fact that when it goes HD at 2x on iPad makes it run "almost" as a universal app, even tho it is not, and that can be easely associated to an iPad app (the only games that do that that i'm aware of is go usagi and trainyard), and overall i'm more than happy to manage only 1 forum thread really.

The claim HD on iPad is due to the fact that it uses full retina display textures when ran on iPad, so basically the same textures screen resolution that is used on iphone4 is used on iPad.

It did feel very "tight" from my side to zoom in slightly or to add a border and call it universal or charge more money for it as alot of games do.
11-18-2010, 03:57 PM
Thanks for the clarification, Durrza. I just read in a message from Hodapp that it is OK to have messages on a game in both the iPhone and iPad forums. Hopefully everyone will announce their universal games both places from now on. (Wishful thinking, but...) As far as I know, there is no way to actually ghost messages across forums right now. If enough people ask for it, maybe it will eventually happen.

I appreciate that you are planning on updating this app to be universal rather than charging for a separate version. Some apps do run well in 2x mode. it just doesn't quite feel as good when they don't utilize the whole screen where possible. The fact that you already have the high definition graphics displaying on the iPad really helps with this.

I'm downloading a copy of the lite version right now to give it a try. Thanks for obviously caring about your customers by providing a lite version to try and working to optimize for the iPad.
11-18-2010, 05:27 PM
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I am really looking forward to hear any kind of feedback, personally i'm still really pleases with the way this works on ipad, i worked really hard for the 2x to work the way it does (i'd like to think it works almost as good as a native application). I do think aswell that given the price of either 0.99$ or 1.99$ it's right to have a play around before buying, hence the lite version.

From personal experience, developer charges more for the ("hd" ipad version), atleast most game i have on my ipad do, and don't very well consider the Universal, beacouse they think they are gonna miss out on possible customer, i'm a customer of appstore too, and that makes me feel ripped off that i've to pay twice for the same application.

I do really welcome any comments, so anyone feel free to kick in and give us a nudge, werther it's to comment a good fun session with Go Usagi! or a simple "i did not like this and that for this reason", quite often we do consider the user feedback to implement changes for the following versions (at the end of the day, people that bought the game have the right to have it a bit modelled to their needs, if we find them acceptable and they makes sense in our eyes).

Yeah i know i ended up writing a wall of text, sorry if i care, booh at me :P
11-19-2010, 12:23 AM
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Here ya' go

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11-19-2010, 03:42 AM
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Thanks but how did you do that?
11-19-2010, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Finandir View Post
I'm downloading a copy of the lite version right now to give it a try. Thanks for obviously caring about your customers by providing a lite version to try and working to optimize for the iPad.
Sooo.... what did you think of it Finandir?
11-24-2010, 07:40 PM
OK, I'm pretty behind in trying out all of the games I've downloaded, but I managed to put in some time with the lite version. This is a very nicely done puzzle game. I really like the fact that it doesn't reset all of the moves when I am ready to try again. It makes adjusting things much easier for the next attempt. The later levels in the tutorial actually get reasonable tricky. I haven't played any further than that, though.

Unfortunately, this brings me to a major bug. The game doesn't seem to work at all on the iPad with iOS 4.2.1. Basically, the graphics take up only a small portion of the iPhone image on the screen. It doesn't seem to matter if I have hit the 2x button or not. It doesn't respond to touches to start the game - the button to buy the game at the App Store does work, though. The same thing happened after a complete restart of the iPad as well. It does still seem to work on the iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1 with no problems that I can tell.

I hope you can get this corrected quickly. The game is actually quite good and the puzzles are very challenging.
11-25-2010, 03:30 PM
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I Do have an update for ipad 4.2 queued up, as you highlighted happens only on 4.2 on ipad, and didn't happen on the GM seed either...