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Big Mountain Snowboarding

11-21-2010, 02:21 PM
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Big Mountain Snowboarding

We just submitted a Mac version Big Mountain Snowboarding a couple days ago. It's already available on iPad/iPhone/Android, but this is our first step into bigger machines.

A few changes from the iPhone version:
* Touchpad input - Macs that have multitouch can use two finger swipes to control the snowboarder. One finger on the touchpad moves the cursor around.
* Keyboard input - The arrow keys or wasd and spacebar can also be used to move, with the mouse used for grabbing.
* We had to go through all the graphics and touch them up for the bigger screen. A 24" monitor at 1920x1200 is much less forgiving than the iPad. We also had to tweak the UI for 16x9 aspect ratio.
* All the view distances and terrain complexity were pumped way up. The Mac lets us show the whole world with no LOD popping at all.

We're using the touchpad as a joystick. If you move your fingers to the left of center a little bit you turn left a little bit, or at the left edge of the trackpad for a quicker turn. Anywhere in the bottom half of the touchpad makes you tuck while still having the left/right control. Swipe upwards to start a jump and then use the touchpad to control the spin. Place a third finger on the pad to grab while jumping.
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12-01-2010, 02:46 PM
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We decided to reject the binary and submit a new version. The reviews are taking forever so hopefully we'll still be on the store at launch, but if not at least it will be a better game when it does go live.

We added sensitivity options to the menu, and also added mouse controls for people without a multitouch trackpad. So there are now 3 ways to control the snowboarder.

1) Multitouch - use two fingers on the trackpad as a joystick.
2) Arrow keys or WASD
3) Click and drag with a mouse as a joystick.
12-30-2010, 04:49 PM
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We're finally approved after a few minor rejections! On sale when the Mac App Store goes live.

After some playtesting we've revised the controls a couple times.

* Two finger swipes to control the snowboarder
* Swipe up to jump
* Swipe left or right to turn
* Use a third finger to tuck or grab.

* Hold down and move left/right to turn
* Right mouse to tuck/grab
* Spacebar to jump

Fallback controls:
* Arrow keys to move/tuck/jump.

I expect to do a couple iterations based on feedback after it goes live.