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App description: Hydrothermal is a city building game where you create a space colony and ward off alien invaders. Control every aspect of your colony's layout, including zoning, building placement, and terrain features, all with the ability to conquer more land for expansion. Adjust the city details by balancing the budget, passing/repealing laws, and allocating extra resources into six areas using the balance of powers screen. Don't forget to build and manage an army though, aliens attack from time to time! Hydrothermal's addicting gameplay and a classic 2D with over 50 unique buildings, Hydrothermal will keep you entertained for countless hours.

Make sure to check out Nuclear Nova's golf game simulator, GL Golf and GL Golf Lite. GL Golf is a 3D golfing game for the casual gamer. With a realistic physics system and great simple graphics, you and up to four players can golf twenty+ unique courses for countless hours. Also make sure to check out Nuclear Nova's new golf game, Rocket Golf and Rocket Golf Lite. Rocket Golf gives golfing a new twist with its 2D gameplay and clean 3D graphics. Challenge yourself to 36 unique holes over two courses. Rocket Golf provides accurate game physics while maintaining an arcade feel.

nuclearnova's comments:
Liquid Defense is now available for the iPad. This is a port of the Mac version I wrote about six years ago, for about 80 hours of porting work it was definitely worth throwing on the iPad. Hydrothermal is a city simulator game where you create a space colony and ward off space invaders. You control every aspect of your city, from the basic layout to taxes and laws. I think the iPhone screen is too small to really play the game, so I didn't bother making a universal version. If the game does well enough the interface could be redone for the iPhone.

Feedback is welcome. If anyone has played GL Golf since the beginning they know that it has had over 60 feature adding updates over the years, most of which were suggested by users.

iTunes Link : Hydrothermal for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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11-23-2010, 02:50 PM
Intriguing, I would like to see a video!
11-23-2010, 03:02 PM
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I loved making the video for Rocket Golf (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8-Ft5TVB2o), so if I get time I'll definitely do one for Hydrothermal. No time now though, I'm 2/3rds done with an arcade shooter that I'd love to finish by the new year!
08-21-2017, 10:55 AM
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I know that The Spatials and other colony games in the AppStore beat this out of water but this dev also has other nice games,why not check them with out?