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iPhone: Zero Chance: Pilot's License (free)

03-19-2009, 12:57 AM
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Zero Chance: Pilot's License (free)

[App Store Link]

The first two missions are included in "zero chance pilot's license" that is now available for free.

ZERO CHANCE is the ultimate challenge for the modern spaceman. In a distant future the space pilot is confronted with countless dangers. After the destruction of the mothership he has to survive in a hostile environment. Left on his own he faces terrifying alien technologies and fights his way to the inner planetary core consisting of turbocharged antimatter, where secret knowledge awaits him.

The situation seems hopeless. Very hopeless.

█ It should be said, that this game is not the typical space-shooter you might be looking for.
the difficulty lies more in staying focused, watching the spaceships surrounding and reacting quickly than shooting constantly at masses of deadly drones.
.. although you will meet some in the game.

you can find more information and gameplay footage on the website.


➡ Innovative controls. The iPhone's touchscreen and tilt-sensors allows intuitive navigation.

➡ 10 unique levels. The journey leads from hyperspace to the planet's surface and on to the core of an alien world. Maneuver through deadly minefields, survive meteorite showers and encounter towering laser turrets.

➡ Worldwide Competition! Highscores can be uploaded and viewed online. Become the most accomplished space pilot on this planet!

➡ The original atmospheric soundtrack with sounds by Bobby and Peter.

➡ Progress is automatically saved - the game can be continued anytime.

Face the challenge! You've got ZERO CHANCE!

What's new

➡ zero chance missions: a new game-mode to complement the campaign.

in ZC 1.1 you fight a deadly infestation on board of your mothership.
Use your new tractor-beam to put things in order.
soundtrack by Jens-Christian Huus.

➡ objects that can be shot now show a healthbar while being atacked.

➡ moveable objects: prepare yourself for some tricky situations.

➡ various improvements: camera shakes when spaceship gets hit, you can choose not to read infos...

Youtube link | Pop Up

"Dream as though you will live forever; live as though you would die today."

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03-19-2009, 01:16 AM
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this game has been on my snipe list for a while. I'm gonna go check out that lite + a price drop