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App description: It is now <b><font color=red>$0.99</font></b>!!! (was $1.99)
Boring with the Classic Snake game? Try Battle Snake!!! (We have Classic Mode too XDD)

Your objective is not only control the snake to pick up blocks and get as many scores as you can, but, you can also steal others' scores by passing through their home bases. This "dog in the manger" mechanism is very simple. When you pass through an opponent's home base, you will sacrifice one of your blocks. At the same time, your opponent's score will also be deducted according to the length of your snake.

For example, your snake has 10 blocks. The first two blocks are the basic blocks of your snake. After passing through an opponent's home base, one of your block is sacrificed. As a result, your opponent will lose 7-block scores (10-2-1=7)

Another important feature is that you are required to pass through your own home base so as to realize the scores. Otherwise, when the time is up, the blocks on your snake will be wasted and not be counted in your total score. Moreover, the longer snake you are, the higher scores you get. The first two blocks are the basic blocks and no score will be counted. 4 scores will be counted for; the third block. 6 for the fourth block, 8 for the fifth block and so on.

For example, if you are a 5-block snake. After passing through your own home base, 18 scores will be accumulated. (4+6+8=18)

In addition, a variety of power-ups are provided. "Super Snake" enables you to attack others' snakes freely. "Speed-Up" enables you to accelerate for 1.5 times. "Poison" turns all of your opponents' intended action into reverse response. Also, be careful not to hit yourselves or others' tails. If you hit your opponent's snake head, both of your snakes will be damaged and only the first two blocks will be left.

Let's be a snaky spoilsport!!! =p

yiutsunchan's comments:
Appolicious Review!

Battle Snake (iPhone, iPad) Free (was $1.99)
Chances are, youve played Snake before: its a game in which you steer a snake around a grid, trying to get as long as possible without your head running into your body as it grows longer and longer.

Battle Snake takes the premise a step further with a multiplayer mode. Your goal isnt just to drive your way around the grid without accidentally killing yourself, but rather to try and sabotage your opponents while gathering score blocks and power-ups for yourself. Its free for the next few days, so grab this one while you can.

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12-01-2010, 02:03 AM
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Thanks for the freebie! Not bad. I had to switch to swipe controls (tested on iPad). A rather wild snake game.

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