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App description: You can Feed Al for FREE this weekend. Do it now!

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Reviews Are In!

4/5 Stars by 148Apps.com
"Feed Al is really good fun. It offers a quirky appearance with a great leaderboard concept within PlacePlay, as well as satisfying puzzles to complete. Its really worth a look. Its almost certainly going to hook you."

4/5 Stars by AppSpy.com
"Verdict: Feed Al extends the Finger Physics franchise in a new direction with its endless gameplay and PlacePlay system to make competing against friends and locals a fun experience."

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Dear Person Who Wants to Feed Al,

Hi - I'm Al Newton. Al is writing you from my spaceship hoping that you can help me: the thing is Als out of food up here and he's HUNGRY! Dont worry though, Al doesnt eat human food, Al eats stars and your planet seems to have a plethora of them, so Al needs your help collecting as many stars a possible (an Aliens got to eat!).

Will you please help Feed Al?? Yes, Al Netwon refers to himself in the 3rd person - stop asking so many questions, sheesh.

Feeding Al is pretty straightforward: Al invented a Collector device thingamajobby and has kindly provided it to you to use (Al's nice like that). Just guide the Collector through your world, grabbing as many stars as possible while avoiding crazy blocks, wonky obstacles and bouncing out into the galaxy! The Collector cant survive out in the galaxy.

The folks at PressOK Entertainment even created an awesome new system called PlacePlay that helps you buy Boosts which help you collect even MORE stars. Has Al Newton told you that he loves stars? When you get stuck on a level, you can use a Boost to help you smash a block, blast through objects, shatter glass, unlock a level and much much more! You earn points to buy boosts every time you play, so keep playing to Feed Al!

PlacePlay also lets you post your high score to your local leader board, like at a coffee shop, restaurant or bus stop! That way, you Earthlings can compete to see who can Feed Al the most! What a fun game!

Why else would you want to Feed Al? Thats a great question, thank you for asking:

- Because you feeding Al is fun! (and delicious)
- Feed Al changes every time you play it, so feeding Al is always a never ending challenge
- PlacePlay lets you compete with your friends and neighbors to see who is best at feeding Al. When you are the best, you get more boosts. Admittedly, Al Newton love this, because more boosts means more food! Yummmmm.
- Feed Al will be updated regularly with more content and more ways to Feed Al! Al Newton approves of this message.
- Well, if you dont Feed Al, Al will destroy your planet. Just kidding, Als a fictional video game character or is he?

So, please take those non-green fingers of yours and click Install in the top corner there and start collecting stars to Feed Al!

Al Newton thanks you for reading this letter and looks forward to you feeding him stars.


Your hungry alien friend who may or may not destroy your planet, but probably not, if YOU don't FEED AL - Al Newton

P.S. If you would like to stay up to date on all things PressOK Entertainment and Feed Al, Al Newton suggests you follow them on Twitter @press_ok, or become a fan on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/pressokentertainment
12-02-2010, 12:07 AM
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link to some comments on a previous thread: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=74818

those of you who download it, please provide comments/feedback - definitely interested in feedback on PlacePlay, etc. post here, pm me, or on our website @ www.pressokentertainment.com.

hope you guys enjoy it!