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App description: Play the first 10 levels of Story Mode and first 5 levels of Survival Mode in this Lite version of JASJ!

***Golem and Wraith type monsters can't be killed by jumping down on them, you must shoot them - refer to help files for more information***

Jump Angry Slime Jump! is a unique, fun, and addictive game. This game features fun cartoon style, hand drawn animations and artwork.

There are two game modes:

Story Mode - in this mode you will need to jump your slime through 50 levels of maze type floors to rescue the slime princess from the Evil Ooze King. Collect gems and jump on monsters to fill your power bar and use your slime skills.

Survival Mode - In this mode you will need to navigate the slime through the Ooze King's crypt before the timer runs out. Collect gems to add more time to the game and see how far you can get.

How To Play:

Control the slime using the dPad to move around and defeat monsters by jumping on top of them as they roam around the castle.

Find the door at the top of each level to advance to the next section of the castle. Every level you advance the number of floors to jump increases by one. Explore new parts of the castle and navigate your way through a maze of pillars and enemies. Gain experience to fill up your power bar and use your slime skills.

-slime shoot
-super jump

Use these skills to shoot through pillars and jump over obstacles while defeating enemies such as Demon's, Golem's and Ghoul's.

(Make sure to read the help section in game to view each monsters skills to avoid jumping on the wrong monster.)

New in version 2.1:

Added a little more starting time for survival mode and added a help screen for survival mode.

Other minor fixes

Future Improvements:

Unlock new colors for your slime
Slime power-ups
New slime skills

(This game works best with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation devices. Remember to turn off push notifications for email and applications on older devices using a newer iOS to reduce any lag)

Please feel free to email us at JumpAngrySlime@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks for playing.

Twizz's comments:
Check out the free version of the iphone game Jump Angry Slime, Jump! Lite, this version has the first 10 levels of the game so people can try it out.

It's a fun platform jumping type game, all hand drawn graphics. Every level the castle is one floor higher than the previous level and the mazes get more difficult.

Here is the itunes link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-angry-slime-jump-lite/id405891939?mt=8

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Check out the free version.
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Major bumping consumes this thread. Triple bumping in fact. Don't bump to say "Buy this game." It's against the rules. And also very shallow.

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