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App description: 8 ACTION FILLED GAMES in 1!

The Ultimate games bundle, the AppConvoy Action Pack is filled with highly-rated games to bring you hours of exciting and challenging gameplay!

Apache Storm The Killing Spree

You're in command with Apache Storm! An insanely addictive war game where you fight against airplanes, tanks, cannons, helicopters and more!

Black Matter

This fast-paced battle action game will take you on an epic journey, as you defend your base from wave after wave of fierce enemies.


Guide a soul through maze-like levels to reach the exit. The immersive hand-drawn environments and atmospheric soundscapes are going to test both your dexterity and composure.

Sir Revs-a-Lot

Aliens have attacked but they're no match for your sweet ride! Laugh at their measly bombs, as you use your vehicle as the ultimate weapon!

Legends of Elendria: The Frozen Maiden

This game blends challenging tower defense strategy with role-playing elements in a polished package with an epic soundtrack. Unlock towers, skills and spells as you progress through the thrilling fantasy story.

Alien Swing

Control your alien through a host of beautifully drawn levels, swinging from a variety of different objects. Starts off easy with stationary objects, increasing in difficulty with jellyfish, rockets and cats in baskets! Control your movements with simple touch-and-hold mechanics combined with intuitive tilt-to-swing physics.


The Globs are lost in space! Help them get home by guiding them to their exits. They will bump around into cave walls, and display their mood verbally now and then.


Satisfy your craving for a new challenge! Don't be fooled by the gentle learning curve, as you will soon realise that the AI is relentless! With sixty levels across various difficulties, and with its engaging gameplay and content, Artilect is easily addictive. Use familiar swipe, tap and pinch gestures to navigate your way to a target destination by carefully selecting the path you take.


Buy the AppConvoy Action Pack and get the full version of all of these games. All games have previously been available only as separate apps. Get the AppConvoy and save at least 75% over buying the games separately, with more content to come!

All games have been developed by independent developers from around the world. AppConvoy is a collaboration of indies who have each contributed high quality content. We've scoured the app store to find great indie content, so that you can trust the quality of games included in the bundle. Visit AppConvoy.com for more info on each game and their developers, and to find more great AppConvoy App Packs!

Visit appconvoy.com for more details and to see videos of the games.

Follow @appconvoy on Twitter to hear about new content, new convoys and special offers.

SmallMike's comments:
I did a search and it looks like no one has done a post for this game pack yet. I am the developer of one of the games (Sir Revs-a-Lot). I don't have any promo-codes to give, but it is currently 50% off ($0.99).

12-07-2010, 10:00 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
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Three of those games are easily worth $0.99 each. It's a steal at only a dollar for all seven.

Thanks for the heads up.