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Want to be the God of Gun? Bull Billy has what you want most! Itís coming soon!

12-07-2010, 09:09 PM
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Want to be the God of Gun? Bull Billy has what you want most! Itís coming soon!

Want to be the God of Gun?
Want to win the unrivaled honor?
All you need is there in Bull Billy, where you will face the gun masters and the legendary Sharpshooter John and beat them all!

Check out video demo:

Youtube link | Pop Up

This is a game that challenges your reaction velocity. You will stand out if you are quick at draw. Your goal is to defeat the sharpshooter John at the end.

Different levels of enemies have various shooting manners. Your quick response will help when fighting against high level enemy.
There are 2 Leagues in this game: East League and West League. They are both the touchstones on your way of moving forward to the Draw World. East league is famous for speed and West is known for the strong gunmen.

Besides exciting fighting experience, player will get bonus for each fight. If you are quicker at draw, you will get more bonuses.

Game Features
Abundant character design: each gunman has unique profile and personality.
High-level gun and bullet will enhance your ability.
Different shooting manners and various challenge modes.
Special money mechanism will develop a habit of making good arrangement of money for players. You need to accumulate founds to purchase items or high level guns and leave money for the next fight as well.

12-08-2010, 12:00 AM
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This game is not for me. But, I praise the artwork and the concept and believe this game might be a good seller. Hope this does good.