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iPad: Zombie Crisis 3D Prologue ipad version is submitted (from KONG)

12-07-2010, 10:41 PM
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Zombie Crisis 3D Prologue ipad version is submitted (from KONG)

Zombie Crisis 3D Prologue is a Zombie Hunting game. The main
character, Terry Block, has psychic powers that allow him to move
physical objects with his mind and whose powers come in handy, to hunt
down evil zombies.

Story Background:
Taking place before the initial Zombie Crisis 3D outbreak, Terry was a
genetic test subject in Dr. Tasker's lab. One night, Terry was awoken
by a loud explosion and in his attempt to escape the fiery lab, the
beginnings of the viral infection and Zombie outbreak are the
obstacles to his survival...

Terry must kill the zombies in order to escape!

Uniquely different than other first-person shooter zombie games,
Zombie Crisis 3D Prologue provides fresh new gameplay. By using
Terry's psychic powers, throw knifes and control the flight path to
attack and put down enemy zombies.

More than 10 different stages,
Many kinds of zombies
4 modes: normal, time attack, hard and headshot
Game center supported

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