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Infinity Blade: iPad vs. iPhone/iPod Touch

12-09-2010, 02:23 PM
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Infinity Blade: iPad vs. iPhone/iPod Touch *SPOILER*

EDIT: Some inconsiderate people posted spoilers in this thread. Don't read this if you want to avoid the spoilers. -Null

It's here, it's beautiful, it's universal.

But the question I have to those lucky enough to play Infinity Blade on both iPad and the handheld iDevices is simple:

Which version reigns supreme?

As a gesture-based game, does your hand obscure the screen on the smaller devices? Is the action harder to see? How do the graphics compare? I've played it on iPad and was astounded. Anyone gone through with both?

Very interested.

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12-10-2010, 12:02 AM
I tried out on both . . . ipad and iphone 3gs. . . cant decide on which has the more effective control . . . .looks-wise ipad hands down. . . . .bigger is better after all. but in terms of being able to dodge left and right as well as block effectively . . . . the smaller devices present faster reflex capabilitas. . . .no.

Once the screen on the iphone was all smudged from the hacking and slashing tho, I found some swipes were being ignored or not pushing through as per plan or intended. Still struggling with parry in general . . . .mostly goes to scratch!?!

Must Keep Screen Clean!!!

12-10-2010, 09:54 AM
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Thanks for the input.


"but in terms of being able to dodge left and right as well as block effectively . . . . the smaller devices present faster reflex capabilitas. . . .no. "

mean that iPhone/iPod is more responsive (at least, allows for your character to respond more quickly) than iPad? Does it merely mean that the dodge buttons are located more "ergonomically" (sp)?
I'm really curious about the different experiences.
12-10-2010, 10:28 AM
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I bought the iPad version, and I haven't seen the iPhone version in action yet - full disclosure.

I personally think the iPad is quite a bit better for controls. I imagine the large screen makes it much easier to time attacks and hit the dodge/defend buttons.

Based on what I've seen though, the visual presentation on the iPhone is superior. It still looks great on the iPad, but the textures on the character models in particular seem to be lower res. Also, the lighting on the character models seems very basic on the iPad. Based on the screen shots I've seen, the iPhone version seems to have more advanced lighting on the characters. The backgrounds and environment seem pretty much the same. The visuals bothered me a bit at first, but I when you're playing it isn't a big deal - and again I prefer the larger screen.

The game is a total blast too. The concept is brilliant - semi realistic sword fighting where the character's attacks match your strokes on the screen. Great idea for the touch interface. And the graphics and EXCEPTIONAL animation really sell the experience. I've only gotten through the first bloodline since I only had about 30 minutes to play it, but it does seem a little too easy. I hope the difficulty increases with each bloodline. The problem is the enemies seem to move really slowly. It's pretty easy to place their direction of attack early and parry, dodge, or block. And I also thing after a break the enemies are exposed for too long. I found myself purposely letting them recover because the 'button mash' style of slashing is boring to me.

Also, this game is ripe for multiplayer. It would play a bit differently, but executed well I can see it being one of the best multiplayer experiences on any platform.
12-10-2010, 10:46 AM
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Thanks for the feedback. I, too, have played it on the iPad, and it's pretty spectacular.

As for the multiplayer, I'm really curious as to what their plans are. The most obvious would be a 1 on 1 sword fight thing, but they might get creative...

How bout...a co-op, with one player being the "sword" character, and the other being an archer?

They would each have their own screens, but the world would be synchronized. There would be new enemies, including enemies that attacked from range, and the archer would have to kill them / deflect incoming projectiles from hitting the warrior. Thus, they depend on each other: Warrior dies, archer gets shredded by the monster...Archer dies, warrior gets demolished by ranged attacks. You could even "draw" the bow back with a nice pinching motion, with aiming similar to metal gear solid touch....

But yeah, I'm really interested in the graphics / gamplay on iPhone 4 and iPod 4. Anyone seem them firsthand and can compare to iPad?
12-10-2010, 06:37 PM
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I played on iTouch4G and Ipad and the IPod was far superior. Dont know if its the resolution that pulls the ipad away from the visual quality that the ipod offers. The Ipad lecks : Reflection Shaders, Offset Bumpmapping and Specular.
Thats VERY nice effects that make the game look really nice on the iphone3gs/4 and Ipod Touch 3/4, just not on the IPad. On the Ipad the Textures are ofcourse the same, they just look more "blury" because of the size of the screen, but the leck of all advanced effects on the Ipad dissapoints.
The Iphone4 has nearly the same resolution and uses the same A4 chip.
If you compare both Versions side by side, the IPad looks really BAD. The blurrier textures and no effects makes it nothing special on the Ipad (graphics wise). But this problems occured already in Epic Citadel. Same stuff here, there are missing effects on the Ipad.
Epic, please just 2 words on this. Please. If its the Bandwith, then its simple, no go. But why else did they do this ? There should not be any hardware differences, besides the RAM amount, but the 3gs runs fine with all effects even with the lower ram amount.
Wonder, but somehow this makes the visual experience on the ipad only half as nice as it should be.
12-10-2010, 06:54 PM
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Both play well but the iphone 4 is supreme. Better textures and high resolution on a small screen makes it look real smooth and xbox360-like.
Gameplay is better to, because on the ipad you cant hit the shield button that fast when holding it with 2 hands.
I have experience when saying this
I have both the devices.

Great game thats for sure.
12-11-2010, 01:56 AM
The location of shield button on iPad makes game play not very comfortable. So either you use dodge a lot or you use shield a lot. It just can't be both.
12-11-2010, 03:30 AM
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iPhone 4 is graphically superior. But that's it. iPad wins hands down for me.

The tiny(well in comparison to the iPad) screen on the iPhone 4 sometimes mistakes my slashes for a dodge or vice versa, and sometimes when I attempt to parry a downward blow with an upward swipe, it registers as a block.

The block button might be odd on the pad but I seldom block, preferring instead to dodge, dodge, dodge and parry the last hit. I managed to beat the God King on my 4th bloodline and then 7th bloodline with the iPad(only just started 8th) versus the miserable 12th bloodline on the iPhone 4, which I won by sheer damage.

iPhone 4 = awesome tech demo.
iPad = actual game, well, at least for me.
12-11-2010, 03:56 AM
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Strange that when you defeated the god king, it starts a new bloodline and says "padre, lagavoodsay". did i die?