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No.14 Simulation
No.20 Puzzle

Just reached 50,000 downloads (13th August 2010)...

A real world physics puzzle game to test your design and building skills to the limit.

THE FULL GAME, has more levels and more variety of blocks....a much trickier and much bigger game which is set to be added to regularly with new stages on their way soon.

BUILD THE TOWER up to target height using the varied blocks and make sure you've designed it well enough to survive a 10 second earthquake.

UNLOCK THE BIRDS To add to the difficulty as you also have to fend off the sideways attacks.

Features 'Shake to Quake' functionality using the accelerometer

DIFFICULTY varies depending on the intensity of the quake, the blocks provided and the land available. Also the birds make it a lot tougher once they are unlocked.

A handful of levels to complete each with its own architectural puzzle to be solved.

A HIGHSCORE is set for each level and a total is shown in the highscore menu. Can you get it above 2000?

This is my first iphone/ipod touch game and its taken a long arduous 3 months of production, working on it each evening after work and in between feeding our first daughter who was born a week before I started making Quake Builder...

Hope you like it, and please leave a good review if you enjoy playing.

draper3000's comments:
Ok, this game (one of our old one's) has been out for a while (6 months ish), and I literally haven't check sales for 2 months. We're concentrating on our new horror game in production (Dark Asylum). I just checked and have seen that 'Quake Builder Lite' is doing really rather well, but needs a little push to be doing great.

App Store Link:


title Screen:

Thought I'd give it a quick plug to see if we can't jump it up into the top 100 properly for the 1st time. Purely for the satisfaction of seeing it in there, and seeing what happens

It's a 2d physics puzzler, where you build towers and have to survive earthquakes. Eventually unlocking some 'annoyed' looking birds that try and knock down your towers.

Video here:

Youtube link | Pop Up

See how well its doing here:


App Store Link:


Thanks for looking, I hope you download it and take a look. Hoping to release Dark Asylum in mid February...(Possibly the scariest game for the iphone yet...possibly...)
12-10-2010, 02:31 PM
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any takers?

I hate blatant bumping in threads, especially when I find myself doing it...

so...with that in mind..

Any takers?, feedback? played it already? can't be bothered there's so many free apps? it looks rubbish? I'll wait for your horror game?
12-10-2010, 02:34 PM
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Downloading it. Like the full, and figure getting some more visibility via free version climbing the charts would be good for it.
01-06-2011, 09:09 AM
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Posts: 208

Thanks what did you think?