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Interesting Excerpt that summarizes iOS and Android

12-12-2010, 07:10 AM
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Interesting Excerpt that summarizes iOS and Android

You know the complaint, the one everyone uses against Apple products? Yes, I think you do: "Apple is closed and limited".

Personally, I disagree with closed being proclaimed as a 'bad' thing, and here's one thing an iOS developer has said, that I think sums up the key difference between iOS and Android: Quality. Here's what the maker of Dark Nebula 1 & 2 had to say about porting the game over to Android:

"We have discussed this with a number of different companies, but we have yet to find a company that is willing to make sure that the quality is the same as on iPhone. It seems like all the companies that port games to Android are just looking to make a quick buck and don't care if they provide any value to the customers at all."

Quality. It's what separates Apple from the rest.
12-12-2010, 07:30 AM
I'm with you with that. And without apple there won't be any decent games for phones. People used to think that gaming on a phone and on a touchscreen was just a gimmick. Now idevices are standing toe to toe with nindy and Sony and they're doing pretty good. And not to mention that the good games on the android are gonna be ports from the AppStore. Kinda sad really. And it's even more sad when they keep saying for every new high end android device is gonna be the iPhone killer. Lol. Why can't we all just get along.
12-12-2010, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ScottColbert View Post
Funny, that quote describes 90% of the iPhone apps as well. I wouldn't expect an iOS dev to say anything else, really. If you really think the apps in the app store are higher quality-well you don't play many games then.
I'm a supporter of both i have an iPod touch an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone and the quality is comparable . Yes there are a lot more quality games on iOS but the Android Market is slowly but surely catching up as more big developers are catching on that the buying Market for android is just as big now with the current crop of phones . To prove that fact I have Reckless Racing on all three of my devices and it runs the smoothest on my Samsung .
12-12-2010, 09:09 AM
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Up until very recently, Android's market share was not high enough to be attractive to developers.

That has rapidly changed - it is now growing at an unbelievable pace, and the hardware is on track to rapidly evolve.

Look no further than the Dual-Core Tegra 2's. I mean...ZOMG.

As Android software and the physical hardware continue to evolve - faster than Apple can (and is willing to)- the Games on the devices will, as well.

We see developers making the jump to droid daily. This is a trend that will only pick up steam. Both platforms are fantastic for gaming, and this healthy competition will ensure that they only improve. Great time to be a gamer