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App description: Ah... the simple elegance of digging a hole.

It's almost Zen, you know.

The Tao speculates that the empty vessel - in its emptiness, holds infinite possibility.

My concern is that a hole - in its emptiness, holds that same infinite possibility.

So two holes, would hold TWO infinite possibilities.

Wouldn't that create some sort of universe-destroying paradox?

Well... I guess I'm here already. And I DID bring my shovel.

Can YOU dig it?

Drag your calloused fingers across the screen to turn left and right.

Tap the ground blocks to dig - down, left, right... even up! Believe you have the power, and you CAN dig it!

When near a wall, drag two fingers to climb.

Tap a mineral node to extract its juicy ore.

Tap the mineral bin for a prompt payday!

Tap the sign to travel to an untouched, remarkably-similar quarry.

And remember... It's de'Zu!

Seishu's comments:
This company (Doppler Interactive) released three universal games today for $4.99 each that revolve around similar hooded characters running around doing different things in each game. This looked the most appealing out of the three.

12-15-2010, 05:15 AM
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Thanks for the heads up Seishu. I went to Doppler Interactive's website and poked around a bit.

As you suggested 'Can YOU Dig it?' appears to be the most interesting of the three releases and in my mind evokes a minecraft vibe.

If anyone has tried this (or any of their other outings) it would be great to hear from you!