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Infinity Blade - Parrying Everything God King [Guide]

12-14-2010, 06:06 PM
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Infinity Blade - Parrying Everything God King [Guide]

Posted this originally at the EPIC forums, but I thought I'd share it here (and it's nice that we can embed images on this forum).

Parrying can trigger stuns, which allow you to usually do a 4-hit Mega Combo but not enough time to do a 5-hit Ultra Combo. However there are times when the game offers you a Circle Stab Opportunity and if you are successful in stabbing quick enough, you will be awarded enough time for the 5-hit Ultra Combo.

After further practice I am beginning the see the real pattern of the GK and I think parrying every hit is actually quite possible so long as he doesn't use the Kick.

Parrying Everything God King

God King Stepping Back (3 varieties)
There are three separate sequences for this, two of them are more obvious but all three are very similar in terms of parrying. When he moves slightly with his arms and takes half a step back, he will always strike horizontally first. One of the sequences is MUCH faster than the others just watch out for that one.

Picture: Big Step Back. He backs up pretty far here.

Picture: Small Step Back. He moves his arms slightly.

This is actually one of the scenarios when Parrying is more risky but can be better than dodging if you mastered it. Here the God King will strike you 3 times, 2 times horizontally and with the last hit vertically. If you can parry the first hit, he will not continue the 3 hit combo. However should you miss the first hit you are in for the full combo. There are no bonus stab / stun for parrying it though however. (This should be changed IMO)

To parry the first strike, watch for when his back. The moment you see he turn around it is time to do a SHORT and QUICK swipe, make sure you RELEASE your finger before his back is turned. If you do this you should stop the God King in his tracks.

Now here's the really fun part: most of the time if you succeeded parrying the first hit, the God King will try to follow up with his usual Strike Up and then Strike Down attacks, both of which can be parried vertically (and is very predictable). If he doesn't do this, he will try to do his slow full spin horizontal strike, which can be easily parried horizontally.

God King Jumping Downward Strike

Picture: Jumping Back First, and then...

Picture: Jumping Downward Strike. You need to have released your finger before you see this.

This can be parried vertically and can be done fairly easily, just make sure you time it right (fast!). I used to think this was impossible but that's not true; I was just too slow. Rarely you will be awarded with a stab chance here.

God King Basic Uppercut and Downward Strikes

Picture: Uppercut. Your finger should already be released by this point.

He does this very very regularly so be sure to master parrying this and anticipate it all the time. You can parry both hits by swiping vertically. Just make sure you release your finger fast and you should be able to parry these two strikes relatively easily. Beware that he sometimes skips the second Down strike but instead follows up with a long spinning Slow Horizontal Swipe, which is explained below.

God King Slow Horizontal Strikes
Picture: Slow Horizontal Strike First Hit (coming from right side).

Picture: Slow Horizontal Strike First Hit. You should have released your finger at this point.

Picture: Slow Horizontal Strike Second Hit (coming from left side).

He always starts this from coming in from the right side. This is probably his slowest basic attack and is arguably the easiest to parry, just swipe horizontally. He almost always follows up this attack with a Left Horizontal Swipe that's also relatively slow and easy to parry, again just parry horizontally. If you succeeded parrying both his horizontal slow hits, he will proceed with a Fast Downward Strike, explained below.

Fast Downward Strike
To parry this, you MUST predict it coming as there's no time to react on this one. Parry vertically and release your finger ASAP. You maybe awarded with a stab circle or ANOTHER Fast Upward/Downward Strike; which you must predict ahead and parry vertically as well. I don't suggest you do try to parry the second vertical strike, if you spend time looking for the circle you will likely get hit the second time so it's not really worth it imo. Here's when you might want to use your shield if no circle is visible.

If you do all of the above and not be cocky you should be able to parry every single incoming attack from the God King, but let me warn you though it is not a very rewarding task other than bragging rights.

Edit: Updated with pictures

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