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iPhone: Graffiti Hero(FREE)

12-14-2010, 07:46 PM
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Graffiti Hero(FREE)

Hi everyone,

I have great news here!

Finally, Graffiti Hero(FREE) is available on the App Store!

iTunes Link

Graffiti Hero(FREE)

Graffiti Hero($0.99)

Graffiti Hero Free is exactly same with paid version except it only has one chapter which includes 8 levels.

I hope you guys feel free to download a free version.



promotion video

Youtube link | Pop Up

game play

Youtube link | Pop Up

game play - BOSS STAGE

Youtube link | Pop Up

Game Description

Limited Time SALE!! 66% OFF!! Get it now and don't miss out!

- Characteristics -
- Remarkably upgraded graphics, scenario, and background music than mobile version.
- Rhythmical gameplay and combination of key touch
- Various actions
- Scenario mode
- Impossible mode
- Able to record the game score on the leader board (OpenFeint)
- 28 different types of achievement
- 30 differnet types of levels
- 5 types of final bosses
- 41 different types of graffitis

Play mode

- Scenario mode -

In this main mode of the Graffiti Hero, players will play through the game scenario and aim to complete it.

- Impossible mode -

This mode will be unlocked after the player clears the Scenario mode and it consists of 30 more challenging missions which players can play back to back.

- OpenFeint -

Through the leader board, players can compare their scores with others as well as challenge them.

- Spirit store -

Players can purchase spirits.

- Research institute -

Players can acquire items by spending 50 spirits. Item Art spray->(Items that will increase experience points gained by 50%)
Double spray->(Items that will increase experience points gained by 100%) 3 items will be randomly generated by acquiring 200 spirits but there is a chance players may not gain anything.

- Black book -

Players may purchase graffitis with spirits.
There are 41 different types of graffitis, and each has a different point gains.
The last graffiti called the Photograffiti raises 3 levels and also allows the players to use the photo album in the iphone as a graffiti.

- Option -

Players can turn on or off the sound and initialize the game.

12-15-2010, 04:18 AM
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Sweet, I hope this will help get the game more visibility.