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  • Publisher: OF-Games
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 40.7 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Tap! Slash! Nip! Explode! You can always find a suitable way to destroy those pesky bugs!
Suicide bombings! Fission skill!

Teleportation! Stealthy buff! These persistent bugs are always trying to overwhelm you!

Come and try your hand and challenge legions of busy bugs. Beat them and collect them as pets.

Bugs Rush is a game that challenges your reaction speed! Various kinds of bugs will come at you continuously. Each bug has its own traits, so you need to kill them through different ways, like smashing, slashing and nipping. Do remember to avoid the bomb bugs! It will terminate you once you touch them. Are you ready for this? Its very skillful and challenging to kill them without missing anyone!

What make Bugs Rush really special are its various scenes where provide bugs very good places to hide. Have you ever thought of experiencing killing bugs in the icy hole in Antarctic? Bugs fall at one hole could appear at another! What about the garden pond? Its the back garden of the wicked bugs Palace. Bugs in the water are free from damage. Sounds cool? Well, thats not all of them. More fascinating themes are waiting for you to check out!

There are 4 modes in all: story mode, classic mode, time mode and Vs mode. You could also fight against your friends on one iPad! Besides all of this, there is a Bugs Yard for you to place all the bugs you caught in the story mode. They are your lovely pets for you to show off now.

In addition to the killing experience, you will gain diamonds and gems. With fancy graphics and different animation effect, it definitely worth a try! Its your duty to kill them all. We are waiting for you conquer the wicked bugs!

Game features:
-Use different ways to kill various kinds of bugs: smash, slash or nip.
-Enjoy various experiences in story mode, classic mode, time mode and VS mode.
-Unique Bugs Yard makes your Achievements more vivid.
- Delicate full 3D screen, high quality stage design and vivid animation production, all those innovative elements made this game another epic!

Arroyo Sue's comments:

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Remember the days when you were kid and so fond of catching bugs in the garden? That was really a great experience that we will never forget. This time, you have the chance to catch those cute bugs again, and save the earth meanwhile. All you need is the latest title from Uwingame, Bugs Rush for iPad.

Bugs Rush is a game where you need to kill the crazy evil bugs and save the world. Game control is simple. You tap the bugs on the ground to kill it, while for the flying bugs you need to nip them with 2 fingers. Besides, you could also slash them to death to earn more points. Combo hit of course brings you extra points. In each stage, the bugs will rush at you in waves. Sometimes you will really feel you are in great danger! Then, you could use the bomb. Bomb could be got by killing bugs. The more you kill, the bigger the bombs effect radius will be. With this, you could kill lots of bugs in a flash. The game is divided into 4 scenes, the muddy path, the forest relic, the icy lake and final stage garden pond. Each scene contains several sub-stages with engrossing background storyline.

The bugs you could see there in the game are diverse! You will encounter the normal bugs, General Slug, Samurai Bugs, Protoss Queen and more! Some of them could use skills to make your way ahead be even tougher! For example, General Slug could use teleport, while Samurai Bugs could use fission skill to make an illusion that cheats your eyes! Guess you are wondering whether there is an almanac system to collect those colorful bugs. Absolutely we have it. We added a system called Bugs Yard where you could visit the bugs you get in the stages. Bugs you could collect have different quality levels. To improve the quality, you need to gain more diamonds during the game. Where are the diamonds? Kill the bugs with bomb to get them! Besides the diamonds, you will also be provided with gems that adds more points to you!
Designed for iPad, Bugs Rush has crystal clean 3D screen and vivid sound effects! Just watching the game screen could be an enjoyable experience to you! The game also provided a very unique VS mode for the players. In VS mode, the ipad screen is splitted into 2 parts. Tap the bugs rushing at you to turn their heads to your rival. Who misses more bugs will lose.

Game features:
 3D crystal clean scene
 Vivid sound effects and music
 Delicately designed stages where challenges your skill
 Engrossing storyline
 Diverse bugs and their skills
 Unique VS Mode

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