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App description: Join humanity in repelling the demon invasion. This companion app to the Catalyst RPG system helps players guide their survivor through the ruins of civilization. This piece of technology helps them quickly navigate much of the games rules, easing players into the role playing experience.
Streamlined character creation: Players select their characters backgrounds and proficiencies through an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide. All the growth point spending logic to develop characters is built-in, letting players quickly see what skills, abilities, and spells they can learn. Players can make and save characters for all your campaigns.
Inventory management: Players can outfit their characters with any gear from Catalysts manual or create custom items. Ammo tracking, enchantment logic, and fragility are all handled by the app.
Battle mode: Catalysts card based combat is managed through this app. Players can use their phone screens instead of physical cards when choosing and revealing their actions. Vitae and vigor are tracked, with vigor usage from actions and spell maintenance done automatically.