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Dungeon Defenders Suggestions & Patch Details

12-18-2010, 02:40 PM
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Dungeon Defenders Suggestions & Patch Details

Hey guys! This is going to be a thread where we compile your DD:FW suggestions and let you know what's making it into the next patch. Feel free to leave more suggestions here, we'll be updating this first post regularly!

Confirmed Changes

*Raised Max Item level to 15, and Max Hero Level to 70
*Eliminated low cap on Speed stat and changed how the results of this stat are calculated
*INSANE Difficulty is much, much harder (and so is HARD)... good luck
*Rebalanced item drops to make super items harder to get
*Fixed some levelling & item farming exploits
*Adding GameSpy for multi-platform iOS-Android gameplay! GameSpy supports Private Matches, Game Naming, Game Browsing, and an array of search filters.
*GameCenter support for private matches, and fixes for Inviting
*Better voice chat stability
*Many GameCenter & iOS crashes eliminated
*iOS 4.1 support
*Various new item drop types
*Big performance boost due to media optimization, and some code optimization
*Various gameplay tweaks for a better balance
*New Tutorial video explains the game in a minute, by default replacing the former interactive tutorial (though that's left in as an option)
*Performance scaling option for iOS, user can now reduce resolution and detail to further increase performance even more as they see fit
*Replaced on-screen Pause button with Character button which allows fast-healing, moved Pause button into character submenu
*Rebalanced item value ramp so that super-items don't sell for ridiculous amounts
*A brand new Campaign level & Challenge mission created specifically for high-level hero teams... because we appreciate the support of you hardcore defenders
* Lots of minor bug fixes and game tweaks too numerous to list here... (among the many, Targeting Dummies now print DPS as you're attacking them haha )
* Familiars re-added to iOS version
** Items now have a level requirement based on their quality, and also tell you which class is necessary to use them in the popup overlay

Will update this list as more is added. Looking forward to submitting this patch around the end of the year and having it in your hands as 2011 newly rolls in.

Now get back to playin'... you're gonna need mad stats to conquer the new INSANE mode missions!!


Suggestions/Errors (bold means already fixed/improved):
4.1 Support
Swipe Camera instead of button based killercow
Respec Option gospel9
Horizontal Levelling/Equipment Menus AchillesReborn gospel9
Less Crowded UI dyscode CyberData4 clarsonx
Fixed angle camera gospel9 BazookaTime Axidrain NoThru22
Ability to close/hide tutorial text gospel9 Gabrian h1976
Pinch Zoom CyberData4 Axidrain
Enemy icons instead of minimap CyberData4 Qordobo NoThru22
Crashing at loading screen while connecting to GC Masmo
Low Framerate GBX Caprone
Scrolling UI Item Box gospel9
Smaller iPad UI Qordobo
Custom UI Qordobo kileriukaslektuviukas Caprone
Bubble pop ups with arrows instead of semi transparent boxs in Tutorial JCat
Semi Transparent menus in tutorial are hard to read badmanj
Option to choose language in-game Caprone
Italian, German, Spanish translation fixes Caprone tblrsa
Game Center issues
Scaled down UI with smaller buttons Eng
PDF tutorial trystero
Crash after losing Arcy

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12-18-2010, 03:11 PM
Control scheme needs more customization!

12-18-2010, 03:22 PM
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Why does this game require iOS 4.2?

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12-18-2010, 03:46 PM
Please make it playable on iOS 4.1.
12-18-2010, 03:59 PM
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1) VoiceOver volume slider as well as sfx and music
2) the buttons don't deselect if the finger slides away whilst still pressing down, if I click on delete, start game, options etc, it should allow me to unpress the button.
3) option to set transparency/opaque level of GUI
4) smaller GUI features on pad so the action isn't obscured
5) swipe camera controls
12-18-2010, 04:05 PM
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4.1 compatibility is already bolded.

(Release it nowww! I'm pretty sure you'll double your sales with that one "feature"!)

Also, I'm reading complaints on a drastic slow down, especially with 4th gen devices?

And tap the tutorial to close it imo.
12-18-2010, 04:14 PM
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If you put in a respec option, it should cost mana to do so. Don't let people have a free ride for respecs.

When it comes to selling looted equipment, the dialog boxes cover up other dialog boxes. Maybe instead of 4 items per screen, reduce the amount or make the pictures smaller? The way I had to get through the screen was memorize the placement of each button. Thank goodness there is a confirmation box for selling items.
12-18-2010, 04:21 PM
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Great game but they really need to fix this on the iPad. It gets really jerky after a while and crashes a lot even after a reboot. I have an iPhone 4 but it's definitely much easier to play on an iPad. It's unfortunate the iPad has 1/2 the memory of an iPhone 4. Please optimize the iPad version so it's more stable.

Some suggestions

- Buttons: Move the store in bank and equip away from each other. Sometimes I want to store the item and press equip which is really bad if I equip a really bad piece of item! Maybe make a default where if the item is equal or thumbs down automatically store and if it's a thumbs up automatically equip.

- Separate buttons for repair so I can repair right away. When it goes into the repair mode and the view changes to zoom in I can't see which one I want to repair. The same goes for upgrade. All TD games lets you click on your tower and click upgrade. It makes no sense having to go to a menu to select upgrade and then click on your target tower. Make it so that you click on your tower -> pop up options to upgrade, repair and possibly sell (with confirm)

- Move the jump button farther away from the attack button

- I really hate how the wall changes your angle. Can you make it so that the angle is always the same but when it comes to walls make it transparent so you always keep the angle?

- a menu that shows the current people in your online game with the ability to add them to your GC friends list.

- Also fix the item menu. It's always so hard to look at the items because they block each other. Separate the items into categories or something and when you select an item put the current item you are wearing in a separate window so it doesn't block the view of the other items. Maybe change the item icon to be much smaller until I select it.

- Skip the loading movie if I have already seen it. It just wastes precious memory which can be used for the game on the iPad

- Listen to my own music playlist

-ability to rejoin a game I dc'ed from either due to connection issues or the game crashing if the spot is still open.

- when upgrading items show me what attributes can be upgraded since not all attributes can be upgraded.

- I would LOVE to play this on my iPhone 4 too but I don't want to start over my characters. If there was a way to sync my iPhone and iPad accounts that would be AWESOME!!!

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12-18-2010, 04:29 PM
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Yeah also what framerate are u guys at?

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12-18-2010, 04:33 PM
What about the Hero Info screen .. how it automatically shifts and locks to portrait mode (and sometimes upside down).

Anyway to make it work in widescreen so I don't have to turn my phone ever?