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App description: After a year of grueling research by the world's top scientists, we have successfully shrunk a zombie to fit in the palm of your hand. Now you too can have your very own miniature zombie pet.

- Fully re-animated to come alive right on your iPhone. There are tons of things to do with your pet. Feed it, play with it, clean it, scold it. You can train your zombie to be anywhere from a lazy slob, to a buff viking, or even a dapper gentleman.
- The zombie comes with his own habitat that allows him to eat, sleep and play even when he is in your pocket! Check in on what he has been doing and praise or punish him to keep him in line.
- Virtual in-game currency accumulates over time and allows you to buy actions, clothing, and accessories to customize your undead friend.
- Can you keep your zombie happy? The longer you keep your zombie from rotting away the more swag you earn. Collect points over time to buy your zombie more wacky equipment than you can shake a necrotic limb at.
- Supports iPhone 4's Retina display for maximum putrid detail.
- GameCenter achievements will keep you savoring the blight for months.
12-18-2010, 10:39 PM
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Looks interesting, however I would like to see a video of this first before I decide to click buy, and I did not see one on Youtube.

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**Game Center** Nekcik
12-19-2010, 12:52 AM
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How odd. I'll give it a go, I think.