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App description: Can you seal the Obsidian Rift?
Will you best its dangers or will they consume you?

Obsidian Rift follows the tradition of classic, turn-based RPGs from days long past, set in a world of dark fantasy and adventure. Featuring the tale of Samuel, the veteran Paladin of the Holy Order and his journey to find his beloved Aria, you must guide Samuel through the depths of the Obsidian Rift in order to vanquish the evil that consumes it. Humanity is sparse in this world and the Templars of the fortress known as Cathedral are the only ones with strength enough to hold the minions of the Abyss at bay long enough for Samuel to complete his quest.

The deeper you go into the Rift, the more chaos will consume you. Will you be able to divine its true nature and find Aria or will you succumb to its madness?

Game Features and Highlights :

An ever-expanding world, quests, and challenges with regular updates coming.

Discover an armory of equipment to customize your characters.

An array of unique starting characters to build your team.

Hone your tactics and strategic choices with each team combination.

A casual-friendly gaming experience.

freedog's comments:
"Will you best its dangers or will they consume you?"

12-21-2010, 04:34 PM
Anyone try this one yet?

Hard to tell from the screen shots.. Would like to hear more about the skills and inventory systems.
12-21-2010, 07:08 PM
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Hi there simulated, I'm one of the developers for Obsidian Rift, one of the artists working on the project The skillsets we developed for the game were pretty simple going in, each character bringing their own play style and set of skills to the team from defensive heals and buffs to straight single-target damage to area of effect (AOE) damage. Our thinking was more to create a party that reflects your play style rather than focusing purely on individual characters or forcing you to play a certain way; each character has 1 to 5 abilities for now, but we plan on expanding upon that in future patches as well as adding more characters to the roster, not in our upcoming patch the I believe the one right after that.

As far as inventory system goes it's simplified as well, we didn't want players too bogged down on an overly complex system and not be able to deliver something workable The item shop is in its infancy right now, not an overabundance of merchants have stopped by just yet but it does give an idea of the direction we want to take equipment: Basic gear (swords, armors, etc.) that evolve into higher and higher levels of power, things that modify stats and damage types, eventually we'd like to add gear that grants abilities as well.

We wanted the game to be straightforward yet strategic with regards to your choice of characters and item choices, with more complexity to be added with future content; our next patch is in the works to address current issues and begin adding more content. I'm hoping to write up a basic FAQ and starter guide for our website some time soon that will hopefully address more specific questions with regards to playstyle, abilities, and equipment. We also have a basic forum that we hope folks can use to post questions and thoughts about our game, too.

Thanks for your interest, by the way, if you do get to play our game I hope it's an enjoyable experience. We're a couple of guys from Hawaii who just love games and hope to be able to provide a fun experience for everyone Thanks again, my apologies for this long post, hehe.
06-29-2011, 02:49 AM
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This looks interesting - can we get a video of gameplay?

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06-29-2011, 02:50 AM
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On sale for $0.99; this looks promising but the screen shots don't seem sufficient to describe the gameplay and can't find a video. Has anyone played this?