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iPhone: Hexaguess - For the true geeks among us!

12-20-2010, 12:41 PM
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Hexaguess - For the true geeks among us!

This one is for the nerds, the geeks, the web designers and the painters.
Or people who just want to procrastinate work for a couple of hours.
It was really fun developing it and I recommend you to give it a try unless you've got some project to finish in the next... say few days.


The concept is simple. You are given a hexadecimal number and some colors. The hexadecimal number represents exactly one of the given colors. All you have to do is figure out, or guess, which one. The more colors you assign correctly and the faster you are – the more points you get.

Hexaguess features several game modes and levels of difficulty, so you are not bound to hexadecimal numbers or a boring small set of four colors.

The most important facts about Hexaguess

* Hex, RGB and ‘Simply Colors’ mode; number crunching or fast paced action
* Levels of difficulty range from 2 to 32 suggested colors; easy to begin, hard to master
* Game Center support; compete against web designers and painters from all over the world
* Retina Display support; simply crisp graphics

The game would love you to give it a nice rating as it has just entered the App Store.

App Store - Hexaguess
Hexaguess Website

And finally: Have an awesome Christmas everyone!
01-01-2011, 11:33 AM
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Hexaguess FOR FREE

Hexaguess is now available FOR FREE for a short period of time!
Hurry and get your copy now!