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Casso - Social networking app for iPhone, iPad, and Android device - $50000

05-07-2013, 06:21 PM
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Casso - Social networking app for iPhone, iPad, and Android device - $50000

Don't let life pass you by! Share the fun with everyone with Casso!

Casso is different. In a world where most social apps and websites move towards directly connecting your online presence to your real identity, Casso preserves your anonymity in communication and the exchange of fun ideas.

Casso is a messaging service that allows user to send their messages to just their friends, or to completely random Casso users around the world, or both!

Casso's unique 'Duration' feature means that your messages are only available for a specified period before disappearing forever! No information is stored and all messages will automatically expire after 24 hours or receiving them.

Messages are not limited to just text though! Users can upload sound files, images and even videos!

Want to upload a love letter to the world? Maybe a 10 second clip of you singing? A photo of your best friend with a drawn on moustache? A video message across the planet?

It's all possible with Casso! And you can do it all anonymously if you like, or post under a fixed username if you crave some fame, or want your friends to recognize your genius!

"Casso was created to let the whole world share fun experiences and ideas with each other," commented Beaumont Studio's CEO Max P. Beaumont.

"We believe Casso will revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. The transitory nature and anonymity of the messages posted could usher in a new, open, era of interaction. It's very exciting!"

Share your ideas with the world with no inhibitions and no cost!

Casso features include:

*Post anonymously, or sign in with your name.
*Unique 'Duration' feature lets users decide how long a message is visible for.
*Users can choose what types of messages to ignore or respond to.
*Use built-in filters to add that artistic touch to your photo or video uploads.
*Draw directly onto a photo for that fun and personal touch!
*Built in effects such as chipmunk, fast, slow or crazy can be used to alter any sounds you upload!
*The home screen displays messages in order of those about to expire soonest, so you don't miss a thing!
*If you just want to swap messages with your friends, random or anonymous messaging can be disabled.
*No information is stored and all messages expire after 24 hours of a user receiving them.

Casso promotional video:

Casso has never been uploaded to the AppStore, which allows for maximum potential. This sale is for rights to Casso, and any promotional items already made for Casso. We will transfer and upload app to any iTunes connect account free of charge. Please feel free contact us for more information.

Note - If you are not interested in buying our app, but might know someone who is, we will compensate you for connecting us to them if it works out. For example, if you connect us with your friend who then buys the app, we will pay you $5,000.

Email - support@cassoapp.com
Price - $50,000


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