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App description: Rabbit Buster for iPad is a game that will keep you hinged to your iDevices. Be it, game play or logic, it will keep your brain rattling for every move you make.

How would you feel to catch a rabbit out there in the wild? Its not just thrilling but it is also tricky to catch a rabbit in the wild, even the best hunters go crazy at the wit of the Rabbit.

Imagine, it is Spring Season and you are there guarding a field of Onion and they have flowered.

A crazy rabbit is out there to destroy your crop, and you need to trap it before it escapes into the wild. The game play is very intelligently programmed to keep it challenging for both, Rabbit and you. You can trap the rabbit by locking the exit route, how? Tap the onion flowers (White), and they lock the route for the rabbit.

The rabbit is very tricky, they are no levels which you cannot complete, but the same levels which seem easy is very challenging too.
Go ahead and hunt! We are on a peaceful side of the game as there is no bloodshed.

shweta's comments:
An addictive, intriguing and challenging puzzle game awaits you.
Rabbit Buster is a highly enjoyable game. Once you start, you wont want to stop. Try it, and see how high you can score.
Rabbit Buster gives you the most true feeling of combining the intelligence and thrill in one exciting game. Such experience is as vivid as the real quest. This game will definitely brings you great challenge and enjoyment.

If you like puzzle you will definitely love this game.

Rabbit Buster : http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/rabbit-buster-for-ipad/id410346705?mt=8

12-27-2010, 07:15 PM
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I haven't tried the game but I can imagine how it plays. It's an interesting concept though not in any way original. There is at least another game of the kind in appstore.

My impression when looking at the game is that it is full of concept nonsense. Why would a rabbit walk on top of clouds? I can't also understand why it is going anywhere. Why is going somewhere better than staying in the same spot for the rabbit? There doesn't seem to be any "door" or something he would want to get in. Why are blue clouds so bad that it can't walk on them like the other ones?

It is my believe that a game should have some logic for our brain to grab on to. Even if the logic is only valid in a fantasy world. I can't seem to imagine a world where that concept would make sense.

There is another game of the genre, which I believe is called Catcha Mouse or something like that. It's quite similar but the character is a mouse, and we're laying traps on the ground to keep him from escaping to wholes on the ground (and get away). This is a scenario one can conceive and even relate to the real world.

I believe you should try to make up some more logic scenario. For example keeping your rabbit, but laying some hunting traps and the background being some forest or grassy area.

Goog Luck with the game.
12-27-2010, 07:41 PM
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