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Help with a couple quests for The Quest?

12-30-2010, 12:16 AM
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Help with a couple quests for The Quest?

hey guys,
I'm finding it really difficult to find where im supposed to go in The Quest, the minimap only shows a portion of where you are, and the view distance is... wait.. is there even a view distance?! (jokes).
I'm on the quest where you need to find Nadia's Dad and the one where you go to the pagoda for the little girl and kill the orc. I have spent about 40minutes on both quests just running around the entire area unable to keep track of where im going, where i've been, what im looking for it's quite irritating actually. The pagoda is a bridge or something by the water so i've been looking around areas with water and i havn't come across anything... And the quest with the chicks missing dad is confusing me because all i found was an old woman telling me he was taken by Amazon's... there was no specification of where i can find the amazons or anything, call it a challenge to do quests in this game, or just a downright annoyance... The only thing i can use to tell me if im on the right track with a quest is where the map tells you which town your in... "Oh great, i'm at the Peninsula! now to waste the next 30 minutes prowling every square pixel of the area trying to find whatever the hell i'm supposed to find! "

Lol, i confess to my whiney-ness and apologise to you all, but you all know the feeling you get when your stuck in a game and it seems like what your trying to find isn't even there.
May i also add that i tried out Undercroft yesterday too and couldn't even get past the first quest to find 6 chickens! I spent 20-30 minutes wandering the tiny little town and i only found 1! Is there some kind of knack to playing these games i'm missing? It's like i'm finding quests overly hard to complete...
12-30-2010, 07:38 AM
Look in the quest log and you will find they usually tell you where to go.
Catacomber will leap on this thread and help the moment he sees it!
His site has useful info and I asked for help on the pagoda quest and I got a screenshot for it. This is for the orc, right?

Look at your map as you walk along - the pagoda is near an area break line. The yellow ish line. The surrounding water is blue. If you haven't found the water, chances are you haven't gone south enough.

As for finding Nadia's dad, the Amazon Cave is south of the pagoda... or was it east? Cat will help you here.

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